Is It Worth It To Have Lifetime Dreams?

My journey with LeoDreams is alive for 16 months now and during this time I could learn a lot and recognize some patterns concerning lifetime Dreams.

This is a story of broken Dreams.

A while ago I met a man in his mid fifties who dreamed of being a successful scriptwriter. He dreamed of being at the Academy Awards ceremony. His vision: He wins an oscar for the best script, he gets off his seat, creep to the stage, accompanied by huge applause. In his speech he thanks all the people who supported him and co-operated in his movie….

That’s his Dream so far, but the reality looks a bit different. He lives in a small basement-flat and sues: ‘My Dream ruined my life, why should I continue dreaming?’

Instead of working hard on his Dream and write a lot of great stories, he prefered to write down the acceptance speech for the day he possibly win an Oscar.

Is it worth it to dream it even if it’s unlikely to achieve?


On a coffee farm in Colombia: I meet a young family with a 4 years-old son. It looks like paradise. They got a huge land, got 5000 coffee plants, a palm forest on their land and construct an eco-house with bamboo. I am amazed, but later I can see that the family is in a complicated situation. The parents got the Dream to live off the land, having a huge forest and a decent house to live a life in nature and peace. They manifested the Dream and went for it! True doers. But they were so distracted by all the challenges the project brought to them so that they did not care about each other – the love flew away. It is a weird situation: In the process of realizing their Dream they split and continue living together.


A village in Colombia. I met a man who works with leather. He’s one of those rough old-school men. He smokes filterless cigarets and feeds his stomach mostly with coffee and meat. I asked him if he got some leather rests so that I could pimp up my headphones.

..pimping up my headphones

He had some leftovers and we got the work done quite quickly. Coffee time. I then asked him if he got a lifetime Dream. He denied. ‘Por qué?’. Why? It did not make sense to him to have one. That’s strange so I tried to get more information why he don’t use to have a Dreams & goals in his life. After some arguments he told me that he lost four children. He emphasize that it was/is ‘her’ problem and I could recognize its bitterness in his eyes.

so the result/message is: Stop dreaming?

If a lot of people see their lifetime Dreams being crashed in front of their eyes why should someone stick to his Dream(s). So one can understand why people stop dreaming.

The man who prefered to write his acceptance speech for the Academy Awards ceremony instead of writing film scripts and chase his real Dream.

The couple who lost their love in the sideline and the leather man who could not be a family father.

 — broken Dreams —

Is it fair to blame the Dream itself if it does not turn into reality?

Of course it’s not fair.

Having the Dream to live off the land, build a house and live a decent family life, having the Dream to become a famous scriptwriter it’s all possible and all worth it to dream for it. The thing is that one need’s to be focused on his Dreams and work hard on it all the time.

A Dream can function as a guidance of our lifes, they have the power to shape our path.

What do you think. Is it worth to have lifetime Dreams?


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