Climbing Vulcan ‘San Pedro’ At Lago Atitlán

A couple of days ago in the evening I met Marvin (center) and David (right) in the pueblo called Santiago Atitlán. We had a chat about our countries and languages – then I mention that I’d like to climb the vulcan ‘San Pedro’, which is closeby. ‘Ok lets go tomorrow at 7am?!’, they offered. ‘Perfect then!’, I replied. A couple of hours later we meet again to climb the little beast San Pedro. A decent 4 hours hike to the top.

As David’s family got a corn field on the vulcan he cut off some corncobs. We put them into our bags. Their time has not come yet.

We made our way through the woods and at some points trees has fallen down so the sharpness of a machete were all we need:

After a tiring hike we arrived to the top and had the time of our lives. The view:

Even though the wood were still wett, we slowly managed to do it strong enough to put on our corncobs

Then I did something for the first time and it was delicious. Corn with fresh lemon juice. Sounds a bit weird, but its positive weirdness. Go for it!

We just finished our meal – hug clouds came closer. The rain arrived. And we decided to head down again. When we arrived in our canoe we were 100% wet. But we kept our mood way up like San Pedro does.


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