Thoughts on #1 Rinaldo’s Dream

Background information: While I was working on a reafforestation project in Minas Gerais (Brazil) I lived in very small town. There was little to do. Most of the time three local guys and I sat down anywhere on the railways. On a Saturday evening I asked them: ‘what do you usually do on a Saturday night?’.

One of them calmly said: ‘We just sit right here, listening to the birds and monkeys. Sometimes we listen to music on a portable radio’.

Some days later I met them again. They had a barbecue close to the river – and I did it. I caught Rinaldo’s Dream. “O que é o seu sonho?” – Whats your Dream? His answer was as simple as stunning.

Dream? You want to know what’s my Dream? My Dream is becoming an old man. Why? Then I always could sit on a chair in front of my house. I would get a long & white beard. And if there is some weed around I would go for it from time to time. That’s my Dream

On an early April morning I left this small village. A tiny bus with 8 seats stopped. I took a seat, right next to me Rinaldo smiled at me. ‘Where are you going to?’, I asked him. ‘I need to fix bureaucratic stuff in the city. I am a bit nervous. I did not leave this village for more than two years’, he replied. Right after he fixed his documents in town he had to wait three hours for the bus back to the village. Beer time. I showed solidarity with him and I took this foto of Rinaldo in a bar. I wanted to pay the bill, but he insisted to pay all the beers. Although he earns the minimum wage. Rinaldo. What a lovely man.

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