The Cat Who Desires A Pirate Ship

“Ilha Grande“. Brazil. I walk along the beaches and pass all those numerous hippies selling their handmade jewelleries. A stubbed man in his 50’s appeals to me. We share some stories and then he let me know that he got stuck on this island for several years already. He lacks money and an island escape plan has not been made yet. One just can’t miss his huge tattoo in his face. ‘What’s your name’ I ask. ‘Wolverine’, he replies in a proud way. Wolverine points with his finger to his huge tattoo in his face. It’s a tattoo of a cat, he even got whiskers. He transformed his whole face into a cat’s face. I feel the time has come. It’s #DreamCard time. I want to know what’s the Dream of this interesting stranded cat.

‘What’s your lifetime Dream, Wolverine?’

Wolverine reflects on his Dream a bit and then replies:

‘I would like to have a Pirate ship. I want to have an old ship, find a crew and restore the ship. Then we would sail to the Atlantic ocean and explore the sea.’

I met Wolverine a year ago and these days I wonder if he succeed to find an old boat and a crew in order to finally leave the island in a very unusual, artistic way.

I hope he did it.

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