A Taxi Driver’s Dream

By Wolk9 pixabay, licensed under CC0

What is your Dream? What is YOUR Dream?

This question always go along with me. It’s a question I like to ask to strangers, because it is a great way to get to know them very quickly. Depending on the answer it is possible to connect with that person immedeately. A while ago in Guayaquil (Ecuador): I take a Taxi to my Couchsurfing host. The driver of that compact car is in his mid thirties and has short black hair. Concerning what he is talking about I would describe him as a humble family man.

Self-satisfied and in a calm way he struggles through the traffic jam. The stubbed man ignores the noisy signal-horns easily. It’s time.

I play the Dream card.

‘What is your Dream?’

‘I got a five-years old son. My Dream is to give him the best education possible. I will invest everything I have. My money, my time and knowledge…..’

I don’t remember all the words he said, but I remember that he was talking a couple of minutes about the potential of his son and the way how he could support him. He would try to make him to enter the university in order to become a doctor or something similar. Something <better> than him, he said.

It’s the end of the ride and as I knew his lifetime Dream I gave him a decent tip. I was impressed by his words, there was not a single sentence about his personal goals, milestones and Dreams. No material Dreams nor self related ambitions. It was all about his son and his potential.

He’s all in for his son.


Guayaquil (Guayaquil/Ecuador), June 2017

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