New Start-Up Called ‘Gaya’

The human race, the cancer cell of this planet. There are many possible outcomes for this planet in the future. We, the human race, decide if the planet will have either blooming landscapes and breathing rain forest or bring a total collapse of the world’s ecosystems.

If the human race and its destruction on this planet can be really described as a cancer cell…the good thing about would it: We can fight it!

It’s a hard time if one nowadays scrolls down the newsfeed of social media…it’s depressing if one watches videos and read articles about the destruction of our planet. The only three rainforests (Amazon,  Rainforest in West Africa & Indonesia) which are still alive continue to suffer deforestation.

Deforestation goes on

Before humans started destroying the rainforests, they covered 15% of the Earth’s land area, today, they cover only 6%. In the last 200 years, the total area of rainforest has decreased from 1,500 million hectares to less than 800 million hectares.

As life changed a lot in recent years (growth of social media, smartphones, political disasters, fast technological progress, climate change, shifting baselines etc.), life becomes more and more bizarre. As its planet’s habitants continue to connect to each other (more than half of the world’s population is connected to the internet), the shared information is rising fast. Yesterday I read an argument which is in my opinion on point:

The truth is no longer hidden. Now people are hiding from truth.

We know that our western lifestyle (what we eat, what we wear, what we consume etc.) kills our habitat. So why do we continue with this destructive lifestyle? It’s because it’s our habit and change always requires to leave the comfort zone which most people still don’t want to.

Here is my idea: Start-up ‘Gaya’

I’d say that I got highly inspired by Douglas Tompkins (founder of Esprit) and Sebastião Salgado (Photographer). Both spent almost all their money to buy land and transform this land into National parks. They did it because they have travelled the world and realized that nature on this planet needs to be protected. There are just too many ecological disasters so that we could continue this current path. finally I come up with my idea: I am interested in inventions, new technologies and innovative start-ups. A couple of days ago I was thinking about Salgado and Tompkins and realized how great they are/were. Then I was thinking how it would be if there exist a company/organization which has the only goal to buy back as much land as possible and protect it. It’s investors will profit:

  1.  free oxygen
  2.  guaranty that the money will protect nature
  3. found National Parks and use profits to buy even more land
  4. create jobs
  5. implement gimmicks (e.g. investors get honored by rainforest art)

What do you think about this ‘Gaya’ idea?

I’d like to go on working with this idea, so let’s connect if you’re interested. Thank-you.

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