Saved A Dove – Since Then Lives At Home For 12 Yrs

A Dove as a pet? I never even thought about having a dove walking around in my apartment.

Some weeks ago I hosted (CouchSurfing) Arina, a young woman from Novosibirsk who tried to fool me … I thought. Arina shared the story of a cold winter 12 years ago. On the 2nd January in 2007 Arina’s mother, some friends of her and Arina were rushing through the metrostation called ‘Rechnoi Vokzal’, where the mother discovered an injured white&grey feathered dove. A pretty one. Whereas Arina’s mum was willing to help this beauty they were unsure about her husband. What would he gonna say if they show up at home with an injured dove? Despite the doubts about her husband’s love for doves Arina’s mum opened her jacket and took the dove in. In a safe and cosy spot Gulash was taken home to live a quite luxurious life. Arina’s dad gave it a try and let Gulash live with them.

What a lucky dove. There is a seed buffet every single day, there are no savage animals which could annoy and kill Gulash. Good for this dove, because her right wing is crushed until today so therefore he is not able to fly anymore.

For 12 yrs now Gulash is part of Arinas’ family and  they managed to understand each other with particular signs. For example when Gulash got a happy day he moves her body like a circle and chants “brrrrrrrrr”. And a ‘uuuuuuuh’ chanting gets respnded by another ‘uuuuuuh’ by Arina’s family. The dialogue goes on.

On not that  bright days Gulash spends some time in front of a mirror. Doves are not able to recognize themselves in a mirror, so he does not feel alone while watching into the mirror. He does the mirror method every day. it’s like a duty – to check all the mirrors in every room to say hello to every single dove in their house.



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