Why We Need More Novelties & Crack Habits

To have habits is something very dangerous.


It fosters routine and make people act subconsciously, there is no need to be in the present moment. You lose awareness, your life gets robotic. Habit means routine and that inevitably leads to boredom. We can see this pattern in architecture, culinary art, education systems and many more areas if life. Architecture became very limited: In most cases it unfortunately means a house made out of cement and stones, Instead of having restaurants with new food creations (infinite possibilities of flavors we could combine) we are mostly surrounded by fast food & Italian Pizza & Pasta, our education systems are old-fashioned, rusty & inefficient.

‘But, you know..why should I change when I still can walk this road?’

If things work out more or less and one must not change anything to keep the wheel rolling laziness and habits take over. But the problem of this dilemma is that we live in a time with almost infinite accessible information and knowledge and vast material wealth.

There is not too much novelty in our world because we consume the products and the system we live in. That way we support something we might would not support if we were aware of our impact and also if we were brave enough to create new things e.g. a different food plate, education system or innovative, great architecture.

The more I travel and the more I talk to all different kind of people the more I realize that each soul is a single universe with different ideas, dreams, opinions, talents and other perception of life.

(Terence McKenna about novelty – he inspired me a lot to write this article)

The point of that is that we do not get even close to our true potential of humanity. Why is novelty still not raising exponentially even that we got the internet, the access to all the information we need to create novelty?!

I come up with a couple of reasons why it is not the case:

▶Most people are not willing to come up with things related to novelty (think a different education system, food etc.), they are too occupied and worried about their own life. 

▶Lack of connection. Some people have great and crazy ideas/talents/dreams, but I suppose that many of those people think that they are the only ‘crazy ones’ on this planet and can’t realize their visions as struggling alone is much harder than being part of a team.

▶Information is not enough. Information about specific techniques/ideas is useful and basic, but this does not mean that anything will change in the future. Only action will. And in consumerist society action is rare.

The system and culture we live in does neither encourage its citizens to go for novelty nor ask for it. Novelty in fact is an enemy of systems, because each change and outlier result in instability. And as politics is always power politics – it’s about to maintain power and gain even more power.

According to that logic ‘novelty’ is the key(!) to redistribute power in a more fair way.

These days I am realizing why I really started LeoDreams: It’s my deep excitement about connecting human souls, use potentials and create <novelties>.

So, let’s go for it. Let’s articulate our inner Dreams and Goals, show our curiosity, connect to other Dreamers with similar ideas & realize together.

Don’t follow.

Go a new path.

Create novelty.


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