Maya Sign Tells Me That I Evolve By Dreams

As I finally arrived in the northern part of Central America. A lot of Mayan culture got preserved: There tons of ruins and small Maya communities who still celebrate ceremonies and speak ancient languages (Guatemala there are 27 languages spoken – incredible, isn’t it?!).

Yesterday I was at my CouchSurfing host here in Antigua and as he’s into Mayan culture I got curious about it as well. He has a book to calculate a personal ‘Mayan Sign’ (there 20). All you need is your birthday and year of birth. It turned out that I got the TZ’IKIN sign.

We open the book and turn to the TZ’IKIN page. It hit me like a hammer:

Growth: Intuition, Dreams(!) & divination 

It may sounds a bit voodooish, but it caught my attention as Dreams and especially my Dream project LeoDreams has been playing an important role in my life for quite a while. Even intuition & divination fits in. I kept on reading and well…it’s astonishing.

To cut a long story short: I gonna read more about Mayan Culture in near future and there is something for sure: Recently I had many thoughts about LeoDreams and I realized that I highly commit to this project. It gave me so much, I received a lot of positive feedback recently and I see the true potential of this project.

So you can lay back and await ton’s of Dreamy content: YouTube vids, articles, Photographs, community action and much more.

Lets keep on Dreaming and(!) realizing!


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