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Since my America trip started I had quite a lot of discussions with women complaining about chauvinism (machismo). Machismo is a widespread disease, occures in many forms and often got its origins in little details. In the following post I will focus on the use of make-up: It’s risks and possibilities.

There is a pattern I recognized: Those stories of the women were often very similar, especially in the point that they often feel forced to apply Make-up. It’s not time consuming, on top of it it’s expensive, in particular in south America.

As I support the idea of a free society, I often told them

…then, why don’t you just stop to apply the unloved make-up on your face

Their argument: ‘But if I do so then people will stare at me at work. I may would get treated in a worse way then.’

That was not the only time I got this response, I just imagined myself how many women out there feel forced into make-up usage. Put the make-up into the face, without appreciating, driven by the fear that people would punish showing a natural face. What a story.

And just recently I had a CouchSurfing host who were for 30 minutes in the bathroom and then later, in the car she complained that she wasted so much time in there. She didn’t even wanted to prepare the make-up. It’s just a habit. Usually she only applies make-up when she goes to work. But this day she had not to work.

I am aware of the fact, that the use of make-up is also an option to express how one feels. It’s a possibility to show the people around you how you see yourself and spread this idea.

‘Make-up increases people’s perceptions of a woman’s likability, her competence & trustworthiness’

“Twenty or 30 years ago, if you got dressed up, it was simply to please men, or it was something you were doing because society demands it, women and feminists today see this is their own choice, and it may be an effective tool.” (Etcoff).

Even if Professor Etcoff and may other scientists and intellectuals support the statement that there is freedom of make-up use nowadays, I highly doubt that’s the case for the majority of women.

What about women who doesn’t want to use make-up, but lack self-confidence, think that they are not beautiful ‘enough’? This is the crucial point: Once the make-up is applied and one self and others got used to it it should be difficult to get back on the ‘Make-up-off-road’.

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To do the change

A lawyer said this: “The quality of my teaching shouldn’t depend on the color of my lipstick or whether I’ve got mascara on.”

I suppose that most people would prefer to live in a society which does not judge on people by their appearance. But as quite the opposite is the case it look’s like we’re in a dead-end.

Those who profit by using make-up and see it also as a form of self expression will always support make-up usage, feel comfortable and help to empower the role of make-up in our western society .

And those who feels forced into make-up usage by society will always see the make-up usage as a waste of time and money. They won’t see it as a way to transform oneself into another look, they see it as an annoying obstacle, which they would love to overcome.

The difference of those two counterparts: One group support make-up usage and don’t get blamed for it, the other group is silent and the only empowerment is to be strong enough to crack up this societal make-up necessity (as the layer does).

I just felt to share my thoughts on this topic. I don’t want to blame any body, neither those who use make-up nor those who don’t and don’t got the power to act like a salmon swimming up the river. My goal (and part of my Dream) is to live in a free society where we are fully free in our choices without any punishment by anybody.



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