Build A House With Local Resources

In recent posts I wrote about ‘Buildings of the future‘ and explained why we need to realize the architecture of our Dreams

Concerning architecture I am convinced that we need to change our way of thinking. In terms of efficacy, design and materials.

A couple of weeks ago I hiked to ruins close to Machu Picchu and passed a village where all the houses were constructed with materials which grow/are very close-by: the stones were made out of mud and straw (grows close to the river), the beams are made out of wood (trees of the the nearby forest).

The only part of the house which does not ‘grow’ close-by is the ribbed roof. Imagine the only part you need to buy and consume in order to construct a house is the roof. It’s not only cheap: Building a house with natural materials is a great way to connect with your environment. Being surrounded and protected by stones made our of mud and wooden beams and doors – it must be a great feeling to like in there. At least that’s what I thought when I analyzed these houses.

And you? Could you see yourself living in one of those houses? What is your Dream architecture?

Maras (Cusco, Peru), May 2017

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