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The group is about lifetime Dreamers and visionaries (recently I created the group ‘Dreamers Network‘). The basic idea is to share our lifetime Dreams to make them visible for others: Then people get inspired by those lifetime Dreams, people can connect and help them to realize these lifetime Dreams. One thing what helps is: Motivate Dreamers, develop ideas/Dreams together, share information, give advices and so on. Any form of help is appreciated. Help and get helped. Living in a collective Dream. This is the ‚philosophy‘ of this group.

Talk about lifetime Dreams and work on them – together(!). A Dreamers’ Network.

And now I have the pleasure to begin, I write about my lifetime Dream which is in a state of constant transformation since early last year.

As I am living the Nomad life, I always spend little time (2-3 days) at one certain place. So I meet a lot of different people and get highly inspired by them. They share their lifetime Dreams, life stories, ideas, the architecture of their houses (Domus, tree house, eco-building etc.) – all this has been influencing me since then.

I also learnt that lifetime Dreams often consists of some little Dreams and the biggest enemy what hinders Dreamers to chase their Dreams is F E A R.

And sometimes I meet people who never ever thought about their lifetime Dream, so when I ask them they often realize that they have no vision of a ‚better‘ and more joyful life. If they start to think about a possible lifetime Dream it does mean already a big change for this person. Once you create your lifetime Dream it is very important to not only to focus on it, it’s important to find allies to support each other and simply go for it. That’s why this Dreamers Network exist.

My lifetime Dream:

The most important things in my life is to get to know this #Planet. It’s impossible to know all the places but I will put a lot of effort into exploring most places as possible. #Language – I want to learn much more: I want to speak french fluently, Japanese and probably Russian and arabic.

As I see myself on a mission to connect people and inspire them I go all in with this LeoDreams project & Dreamers’ Network. I believe in it’s power, a place where Dreamers and Visionaries come together to support each other.

So one could say that my lifetime Dreams is connected to your lifetime Dream. We live in a crucial time of our planet, the planet is threatened by destruction of nature and a toxic consumerism lifestyle. we still got time to act, but the timing window is about to close soon. We need to act now. Just imagine to make this Dreamers’ Network global and big.

These two points are the biggest parts of my lifetime Dreams.

Then the questions pop up to me: How to generate an #income; where to live after being a Nomad, in what kind of #architecture I will live in? What I am going to #eat? With whom I am going to live with?

These important questions are still looking to be answered, but I already got a notion of them. I want to live in a eco-building, it must not be big, most important is that I live together with people I love and that the architecture is inspiring and spacy (My house will have slide since I never understood the sense of walking down the steps, it’s just a waste of energy). Wood should be the main resource of the house. Solar panels, water collection tanks used. I must say that meeting Emmanuela in made me curious about ecological architecture.

tree house of Emmanuela


And there should be big permaculture garden, where I grow delicious, organic vegetables, fruit trees all around the place (I got amazed and highly inspired by the owners of „Bistrô da onça“ who grow their food in the garden and sell them as prepared dishes to their clients).

I want to live off the land but not completely isolated, one day I want to start a family, live in nature and harmony. In a great cozy house with my wife, children fruits and vegetables.

The garden of ‘Bistrô da onça’

I dream of creating an environment for a self sustainable life, the money I need I would like to generate by my passion. For now it’s the LeoDreams project and especially writing. It may will change over the time but for now it’s clear: LeoDreams and writing.

That’s it. That’s my lifetime Dream.

(As this shared Dream is the first one in this group I will tell you how I think it’s possible to connect with me and others who present their lifetime Dreams. My lifetime Dream consists of puzzles and some of the puzzles I marked with a hashtag. So if you can help me with teaching French, Russian or Japanese just write a comment to the post with the particular hashtag. e.g. #language. Same is vald for other hashtags as #Planet #income #architecture and so on; this is the principle idea and for sure the way of communication will evolve and change..with time).

Thanks for reading!


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