Language – A Diverse Tool To Express Thoughts & Ideas

Recently I had a lot of thoughts and ideas on language. As I am getting more into languages it somehow influences me not only on my way of thinking. There are even more impacts. Here we go, some ideas on languages:

First, the more languages one [speaks] the more one dives into other cultures and its knowledge, history and perspectives. One literally nourish ones mind and gets inspired by other languages. You learn languages, and so you learn more about the different ways to look at things. You use language as a tool to travel and expand your mind. The more you travel, the more you expand. Then, as I can observe, one slowly starts to create his own culture. Because each culture got its progressive and destructive sides you start picking the parts of cultures you like – and do your very own individual ‘culture’.

Back to language.

The more I travel I recognize that culture means more something like ‚rules of a game‘ and habits which differ from country to country.

Summed up: Language is a key to get to know more about the vast universe of cultures. The more languages you speak, the more culture you internalize, the more you can choose among the parts of cultures.

Music – an elegant form of language

shape shifting languages:

Language means basically some words put together, right?. Nope. Not at all. Language appears in lots of forms. If we define language as a form of communication to express ideas, opinions and preferences, then almost everything is language. What you say is a form of expression. Yes, but the way how you say it, the articulation matters probably more. The body ‚language‘ tells the other one how you feel about what you say. It’s proven  that when you talk 93% of the communication is been done not by your words. Your posture, the way how your articulate the words etc. is the major language.

chess in my opinion relates to art and it’s a way to start a fight on minds

What in language in particular?

Language is nothing less than a tool to express ideas & feelings. And there are so many ways to use the tool ‘language’.

If we think about about art: The artist finds a form to express his/her thoughts, ideas. It’s language. If we think about clothes. You choose what to wear and show others what style, color you like. It’s language. If we think about music. Music is vibration and if you like this vibration you dance to it, express your feelings; so it’s language as well.

If we think about food. They say you are what you eat. One also could say: You are what you cook and how you prepare it. Let’s say that cooking is a form of art, so when you cook something for somebody you create a special taste which is an idea of a flavor, its a form of expression – it’s language.

It is truly astonishing, but everything we experience with our senses is language.

Huxley on language

Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, be prepared to a very special lecture which influenced my a lot. Huxley talks about the power, evolution and risks of language. It’s amazing how Huxley puts his pieces together. A huge genius. Here we go:

Why there in no universal, more precise language?

Language is utterly imprecise. People sometimes have a different evaluation on certain words, a different ‘software system’. Besides this people often don’t listen attentively, then misinterpret words or take parts of the phrase and see them as an offense, which hinders people from a proper communication.

The question is more: Why humanity could not create a more precise & universal language yet? It may be one piece of the next step of evolution. What we need in my opinion is a more conscious being, and this only can be achieved if we connect to each other by using a precise language. A precise and accurate language could be a product of a mix of art language, ‘word language’, music language, flavor langauge and other forms of language.

(Terence McKenna got an interesting concept of language, in my opinion a must-hear)

Risks of language

What Huxley says about the risks of language: Language turns into a threat when language is going to become more and more simplified. I need to study this topic more, but as it seems it’s exactly what’s happening these recent years. As it seems we speak less due to consumption of technology, and when we talk its often an easy language, the poetry and philosophy which was once part of your language is fading away.

What did Kurt Tucholsky said?

‚Language is a weapon. We need to keep it sharp.’

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