Two Weeks – Eat Fruits Only

‘What? You eat fruits only? You must be crazy. Where do you get your proteins from? Don’t your body lack fats?’

These were the reactions of my friends when I told them that I ate fruits for two weeks. Only fruits. And I remember that I had a very similar reaction when two friends told me that they are fruitarians. It’s interesting how fast we change our mindset on particular topics.

Instinctively it make sense to eat fruits, right? It’s natural, delicious, lots of water init and super easy to digest. It’s probably the finest food for the human body.

Instinct vs. habitual consumerism 

Fruits easy win the battle when we compare the values of nutrients of a usual meal with cooked and processed food vs. fruits only.

But there are no doubts that the propaganda with greasy Burgers & juicy Pizzas over the last couple of decades shaped our mind set on foods in a terrible way. We instinctively may know that fruits are the way better food for us, but as we got so used to processed and chemically treated foods, that we find it crazy to just eat fruits? Really? Wait…

Breaking the Habit 

In August I’ve been in Costa Rica and I could hardly find a better place to go for the two weeks fruit diet. I’d just like to share my experiences: Every day I started my day with a smoothie (about 6-7 bananas, 1 Avocado  and cacao nibs). 

Later I fueled my body with a huge Salat: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, Zucchini, cucumber,  avocado etc. (dressing made out of avocado, cucumber, garlic & tomatoes).

In the afternoon I usually went for around 10 more bananas, 1-2 mango(s), 1 big Papaya and coconut water + meat of 2/3 fresh coconuts. The evening were light: A couple of bananas and other fruit snacks.

If one goes for fruits only it’s very important to eat enough, in this case one has to eat a lot of fruits. As one requires about 3k Kcal daily its equivalent to 30 bananas (each banana has about 100 kcal). During these 14 days I used an online tool and put in all foods I ate in order to check if I got enough Proteins, fats, Vitamins (just kidding, often got like 300-400% of the daily goal) & Kcal.

And scientifically spoken I was alright, I got enough of all nutrients my body needs and I felt fantastic. After a couple of days I started to  drink a lot of water since my body realized that the lots of fresh fruits introduced an incoming detox party.

With those lines I’d just like to inspire you to go for a similar experiment. After those 2 weeks I changed my attitude towards fruits: Nowadays I eat more fruits and appreciate them much more. In those two weeks all I ate were fresh and juicy fruits who blessed my body, it makes sense that my body wants more of this natural power foods.

What are you waiting for?



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