Forget Politics & Economics – Inspiration Is Key

The LeoDreams project has also something to do with Economy and Politics. In this article I will underline why ‘inspiration’ is in my opinion the most important thing to achieve a higher life quality for all of us.

In ancient times it was usual that philosophers were supporters of holism. Society, science, biology, economy, physics etc. it all came together, all the areas were seen as interconnected and one could not look at one field only. This view of life would have been considered as too limited.

Nowadays holism seems to be dead, at least it does not play any role in mainstream discussions. Specialization in science replaced holism and so economy focused on efficacy and growth. Obviously I mean money growth and exploitation of our plant’s resources what does not increase our happiness, but make most parts of our society to consumerists and passive beings. I strongly believe that Dreams and creating lifetime Dreams have the power to break with consumerism and passiveness. The key lies in details:

Inspiration is key

‘First I dream my painting, then I paint my Dream’, Vincent Van Gogh once said. And I think this is a proper opener for this discussion. Ideas and visions come from the imagination, a non-physical realm where you can ‘download’ images and put any ideas and thoughts together. You play around with your thoughts and then it might happen that suddenly you find something great. Time to put things together and then realize!

Besides ideas, Dreams & music Nature can be very inspiring as well (a lot of so called ‘investions’ are copy-pasts from nature)

What do you need to do then to get more ideas and increase creativity?

During my journey I figured out that the word ‘inspiration’ is  a keyword here. Inspiration has an immense strength. Inspiration could mean that you meet somebody who has something, could be knowledge, style or whatever you admire of him or her. Then, after meeting this person you question yourself how you can put this characteristic, style or knowledge into your own body or soul.

What is important when you inspire others: You can not act and play a different role which does not represent you. You have to be yourself, express what you are, what you feel and what you think. Otherwise others will never understand you, you won’t inspire, or at least it could happen that you inspire but only a fake version of yourself unless you are not yourself.

Another important point is to break with your habits. Having habits lead to boring repetition lifestyle and the more habits you got or the more habits are going to dominate your life – creativity potential decreases.

Why I never saw this board phrase in my school?

How Inspiration works

The interesting part about inspiration is that you might only inspire one in 100 persons. But you should bare in mind that it does not matter how many persons you reach with a certain way of thinking or lifestyle. It’s good to know that the person you inspired, he/she may change something and therefore this person is going to inspire others unknown persons in a different way. So in fact you have the ability to inspire passively more and more people via the person you inspired at first.

Inspiration can happen even when changes are little like planting a certain beautiful plant in your front garden (just think about how many people will pass these plants every day and might get affected by the beauty) or put as the first one in your street solar panels on top of your roof. Or you cook something delicious and invite your friends and so on.

Cumulated inspiration is what we call society. Individuals living life in a society and ideas and realizations affect its others individuals in society. The big picture of an society is nothing more than the result of whole society’s inspiration effects. And within this theory every tiny detail matters, any action of you could mean valuable inspiration for somebody else.

The power of Art (artist: Comfreak /

Art as a language to inspire

In order to make a change in society inspiration is in my opinion the most important factor. Imagine a government creating a ‘perfect’ society’. How would it look like? Probably there would be no unemployment, but a lot useless inefficient and useless jobs just in order to tell people ‘yey, we got 100% employment’. The fact that in 20-30 years 50% of all jobs will be done by robots are not seen. In this society drawn by politicians there would be no homeless people, but boring architecture (more about architecture: click here). In this society there would be no hunger. There would be food for everyone, but the food most likely would be highly processed and unhealthy.

This is why Economy and Politics lack to improve life quality

Politics is only about power and the goal is always to keep in charge of power and gain even more power. This often lead into ideology, and when people become ideological they do not listen to others openly, it’s more the case that the show becomes a ‘war on opinions’ as I use to say. Politicians fight  with their words and arguments but as nobody is open to get convinced by a different idea this system is utterly broken.

I don’t want to lose too many words on economy: Efficacy is trump, the more money the better. In short: No attention to creativity, art and inspiration. Economy is driven by profits, life quality and nature preservation does not matter.

Now let’s put politics and economics together: So we got ideologic politicians who serves an economy which does not care about our needs and importance of nature to live a good quality life.

Sounds depressing? The good thing about it: Anybody is the master of its own life. And anybody got the power to change society with tiny steps.

So my conclusion for these thought I had: It makes much more sense to first(!) dream about how you want to live your life, what matters most in your life and how you would like to inspire society. Come up with visions, ideas, then find your people, your allies to put your thoughts, dreams and ideas into realization.

The other way around does not work. Neither Politics nor economy will foster you to come up with new creative ideas, it’s about you. And we must start now.


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