‘It felt like I was in a movie’

Despite I am a lover of cinemas and movies recently I was thinking about the rhetoric I also used to express from time to time: ‘It felt like I was in a movie’. some critical words:

What does it mean when we say so? It would be a waste of time to convince anybody that a movie is always very limited – immanent. The pictures, dialogues and music in the movie make us feel in a certain way. We may joy and suffer with the protagonist. We may identify with that or another person in the movie. But in the end the emotions we feel when watching are triggered by the director and script writer of the movie. Our emotions triggered by somebody else will never be personal experienced emotions. Anyways, movies are entertaining, fun and sometimes informative, BUT also very limited and the triggered emotions stay illusive.

The danger

In contrast: In the daily routine we use to tell our friends a story and then add the phrase ‘It felt like I was in a movie’ – we do this to illustrate and even emphasize our emotions.

BUT the error I see is this one: By saying this we limit and undervalue our reality, this third dimension we live in. We can be very happy when we realize that there is infinity in everything: Let’s look at the infinite possible tastes of food is. Moreover: the beauty of landscapes is infinite, the possibility to create music and art is infinite, literature & so on.

So when we say ‘It felt like I was in a movie’ and try to emphasize our emotions we unconsciously take a piece of a limited movie world into our unlimited, infinite world. That does not make any sense, right?

What do you think about this circumstance? Let me know and post your idea/opinion into the comments!

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