Hitchhiking: Transform Your Trip Into An Adventure

I already forgot about the beauty of hitchhiking. Chile, Argentina and Uruguay were my ‘hitchhiking countries’ but then I developed a lazy habit: I almost all the time traveled in chicken buses. Recently I met Jacek who’s traveling all the way by taking rides, so he was a good reminder for me to get back to the raod and raise my arm up into the sky.

In this post I just want to share the hitchhiking day I had:


My day started in Copán Ruinas (Honduras), very close to the border to Guatemala. Not even 10 minutes I had to wait, then a red Pick up car just stopped and I jumped on:

Once we arrived at the Guatamalean-Hondurian border I jumped off and did the all the paperwork, exchanged some money and just went back to my beloved raod.

Different country, same story. Again: Not even 10 minutes I had to wait until another Pick-up driver decided to give me a ride. I was not alone on the loading area: There was a Soldier on the back (didn’t feel comfortable to take a picture though).

The driver took me for 50 km or so, then he dropped me off, it started to rain and things become interesting. After like 15 minutes a red Pick-up car stopped. The loading are was full of Coconuts, so I had to sit on them. Nice!

It was a hard, but juicy time…

It was not too comfortable sitting on these hard shaped babies, but the rain a decent refreshment. The rain got stronger, it was literally raining cats, & coconuts. I was wet, but not at the place I wanted to end up that day. So I had the classy rice and beans dish in a town called Chiquimula. As my stomach got satisfied and the rain stopped I was ready for the road again.

Guess what?! Not even 10 minutes I had to wait until a P I C K  U P  car just stopped. The driver: José, a 24 years old guy who is the owner a construction company. We bought some food and  brought it to his employees. As it was only mid day and I had plenty of sun light left so I accepted his invitation to visit a nearby waterfall. We hiked like one hour and it was worth it:

As we got along to each other I felt catching his lifetime Dream. What’s your lifetime Dream, José?

His facial expression changed from chill-mode to serious. ‘My Dream is to become a Pastor’. He loves the church and the involved people so much that he visits his church every day. We also went there and showed me the place. I am not religious in a institutional way, but I could see how happy he is. I wish him that he focuses on his Dream!

José dropped me in Rio Hondu and that time I had to wait a little bit more than 20 minutes. Yess! It’s a truck. Luiz managed to park his truck next to me, open the door. ‘entra’. ‘come in’, he said.

Being in a Truck always feels like being the king of the road. Marvelous. We talked a lot, always a good way to improve my Spanish skills. We drove slowly and got caught in a traffic jam, the sun was gone, it got dark and he dropped me off at the entrance to Palencia where I found my CouchSurfing host.

I made it & and it was an intense and adventurous day.

To cut a long story short: If you got the guts to hitchhike, your day will be packed with adventures, coconuts, meeting locals, improving the local language and much more.

Long live the hitchhiking culture.



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