Guatapé – Water & A Stone

“Guatapé” – this is the name of the 5,600 habitants town close to Medellín. The name comes from the Quechua language, related to “stones and water”. In Guatapé was know as a farming town that relied on livestock, agriculture and mining. In the 1970’s the government decided to build a huge hydroelectric complex. Guatapé became one of the most important energy production spots in whole Colombia. Then Guatapé developted its tourism sector: The number of tourists in Guatapé is increasing rapidly. As there are beautiful landscapes around, one can climb the “El Peñón” (The big Rock) and get a perfect viewpoint over the area. Boat tours are also possible here and popular for tourists. Yesterday I did a hike and also got on top of the rock. Enjoy the view (:

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