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As my initial goal was and still is to inspire others and connect(!) people by their Dreams. I finally go the next step and just created a Facebook Group “LeoDreams – A Dreamers’ Network” to develop this idea.

I realized that talking about Dreams is indeed inspiring for the listeners. But the major problem is that that its potential gets lost if one does not keep connected to other people who could support one’s Dream.

So having a community where people talk about their lifetime Dreams and support each other the potential is not going to fade away.

Mix Music & Food

I got an example: The Dream of Sebas made me think about mix other things. If it is possible to mix certain music with food, why it should not be possible to create a new feeling of eating while siting in a house with extraordinary architecture and furniture with a different type of light and special atmosphere and awesome food? Sebas and I, we recently just shared our ideas which are based on his Dream. That made me create this Dreamer Facebook group to develop existing Dreams and to support each other.

The Power Of Having A Lifetime Dream

I nowadays see the advantage of a lifetime Dream as follows: The Dream can function as a guidance, something to follow, it provides you stability and a focus. And: It’s a inspiration for others (at least if one express his/her lifetime Dream) plus a basis for bottom-up ideas.

Sebas dreams big – and works on the realization these days

Group To Develop Dreams & Ideas

It’s inspiring and 100% positive to speak up and talk about one’s Dreams. To do the next step and find ‘allies’ to realize these ideas and Dreams together, again, we need to connect. A more efficient way to connect Dreamers would be an intelligent algorithm which automatically connects its Dreamers, but that’s something for the future and not yet realizable.

Let’s first start with the Dreamers’ Network 1.0, get to know and support each other in a old school way.

Let’s dream big and create bigger.

All Dreamers and Visionaries are welcome to this group.




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