We Need To Realize Dream Architecture

As I began LeoDreams I got more into Dreams of other people and so I got more and more interested in architecture. Why? Because I met quite a lot of people who are sick of living in a boring apartment, everything is square-cut, everything lacks life, lacks spirit. (earlier this year I wrote a short article about buildinsy of the future: click here)

Let’s think about what Emmanuela said, how her Dream living in a tree house came true. She had a clear vision in what shape & kind of atmosphere she wanted to live. And now, after she made it happen to live in a tree house she literally feels ‘protected by the tree’. ‘It feels like the tree embraces me with all its branches’, she says. I can understand her as I also stayed one night in her tree house. The atmosphere is unique. And it makes sense. If one uses solely natural materials to build a building/place to live and one does not go for square-cuts the whole thing keep its natural forms, the smell and looking is raw, original and authentic. One feels home. This makes a huge difference in your life.

Let’s go for another little time travel. Do you remember when I got astonished by this picture (below!)? I asked myself what could be a possible Dream of citizen of the right and left side. I went there and hardly could speak to anybody, because I could not feel any connection between the right and left people. There was a lot of fear and so I could not catch a single Dream.

And now let’s focus on the architecture of both sides.

Dreamless in Paradise

Right: Yes, of course, there are swimming pools and tennis courts. But what’s it worth it if you have this view on your balcony?! When I couchsurfed in São Paulo I stayed a lot of times in skyscrapers. They may wasn’t so noble like that one in the picture, but anyways: Most of them got a Sauna and a swimming pool on top of the building. And believe me, most of the residents have never ever felt pool water nor the the heat of their sauna. What matters most for those residents? Security. A huge fence/wall and a doorman make things secure.

Lets look left: No pool, no sauna, no security. It’s not even not sexy architecture as the skyscraper on the right, but what have both in common?

Both types of architecture do NOT inspire. It’s boring, it’s spirit-less.

Anyways, that was just some shared thoughts with you.

Let’s be positive on what some guys in Arequipa (Peru) just created. There was a piece of land and they just transformed it into something beautiful and truly inspiring. And they still keep on working on that project. Feel tree to be a part of it. Watch out:

Faustroll Arequipa (Facebook link)

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