#32 ‘My Dream Is Gone’ (Octavio)

It has been a while since my beard-trimmer doesn’t work anymore. And as I like to travel light I did not invest my money into a new trimmer, I prefer to visit the local barbershops. It’s always a good way to meet locals, to listen their stories, learn Spanish and of course: Catch Dreams.

Yesterday I crushed into Octavio’s shop and asked for cut. ’40 pesos it is!’. I take place at a worn leather chair. Octavio picks up his scissor in a mindful way and starts to cut.

This time I do it straightforward. ‚Octavio, I got a question…what is your lifetime Dream?‘.

‚I am not a big Dreamer, I am old. Old people do not Dream anymore. I am 57 years old now, so what it most important for me is my health.‘

An advanced Age does not mean that’s to late to dream, I say.

He somehow does not want to agree and justifies that he’s used to his barber shop and again..’I am old’. Then he tells a story that there is a 80 years old man in town (Puebla, Mexico) who recently just finished his law studies. With 80 freaking years!

Here we go! He laughs and obviously likes it. Anyways, I don’t want to convince anybody that everybody necessary does need to have a lifetime Dream in order to be happy. I tell him exactly that and add that I find it quite important to have a lifetime Dream, this way one can follow a path and evolve constantly. It does not matter if the life goal changes on the long run. What matters is the evolution of the self, to become the person create the life you once wished.

Then there is silence.

‚I don’t know you very well, in fact I don’t know you at all.”, he breaks the silence.

So I tell you a story which only a few people in town know. I studied for five years. Engineering. I was a very good student, top marks. Then I applied to a couple of companies, in vain. Nobody wanted to recruit me. Here in Mexico it’s very important to have good friends and contacts to get a good job. I had friends at that time, but nobody could help me to find a job in my industry. I may should have invested more time and passion into my friendships.  For two years I kept on applying and as I had no success at all I threw it. I went back to my father’s barber shop where I already worked a couple of years before my studies.

You know, Leo,  what my biggest failure was at that time?

I did not believe in myself. I just did not believe in myself. My Dream at this time was to start a career as an engineer, but as I failed I decided to go the barber’s path. And now it’s this way, my Dream is gone, so I take care of people’s beards.’

When he finished I definately was surprised. I did not expect that. ‚Thank-you, Mr. Thanks for this precious inside view and its life lesson. I gave him the money, handshake, bye.

I arrive at home and take a close look at Octavio’s work in a mirror. Definitely in the top3 cuts during my trip. Very detailed, precise work.

The work of Octavio: Somebody, who could have been a very successful engineer. If he just …


Puebla (Puebla/Mexico), November 2017

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