#27 ‘My Dream Is To Combine My Passions’ (Lu)

Hello! I am Lu, from Argentina. For three years already I have been traveling in Latin America. I keep on learning a lot from the people I meet. and I also learn more about myself and about other lifestyles. 

So, I chose a lifestyle for my current life: To travel and to do what I like to which means: To get to know people and to do handcrafts – I really like to paint. In Argentina I had a similar lifestyle. I did not travel though. well, and my Dream is to have a place where I can combine all my passions which include practicing Yoga, to paint, to create handcrafts and having the possibility to share healthy food with the people.

So, I’d like to have a Holistic Center and invite the people to share what they know. For know I am in Mexico. Just starting my first .. doing one of my first steps to get my Yoga degree to be a teacher afterwards. For now I make a living from selling my handcrafts.

I am on my way to realize my Dream!


Mahahual (Quintana Roo/Mexico), October 2017

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