#23 ‘My Dream Is To Be As Rich As I’m Now’ (Jacek)

‘My name is Jacek, I’m from Warsaw (Poland) and I travel alone by hitchhiking across whole America, from north to south. I started my adventure in Canada more than one year ago. I crossed North America and now I’m traveling through Central America.

I love to visit new places, try new tastes and the most important for me is to meet local people. It’s the best way to get know about different cultures.


This trip changed the view of my life so profoundly so that for me there is no way back to my old life when I used to be driver working for the Polish government. I will continue with this present nomad-lifestyle for many, many years.


After traveling so much it made me realize that my Dream is to be as rich as I’m now, because I have plenty and a great time and it’s the most important thing in my life.’


Chinandega (Chinandega/Nicaragua), September 2017

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