#22 My Dream Is To Live Far Away From The Superficial Way Of Living (Denia)

Hi world! My name is Denia Flores, I love my last name because it describes one of my joys in life, ‘flowers and colors’, I always try to be surrounded by flowers and colors – they mean good vibes for me.

I’m an English teacher, currently I am working with teenagers in high school. My first time  teaching as when i was 10 years old, I remember my grandma taught at home to a group of ten children and once she was sick and I decided to teach that day. It was since that day teaching has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my life, because through it I have learnt a lot from every person I have met.

‘Time is life’, that’s my motto. So I’m thankful with every person that has shared his/her time with me, because in that way they have enriched my life and they have helped to build the human being I am. Freedom is the magic word that has lead my life so far, however it’s not enough. I want more freedom for the rest of my life.

My big Dream is related to this word (freedom!). I want to live in harmony with nature and other human beings. I want to live far away from the superficial way of living created by the system, enjoy every second of my life, being present, thankful and letting go things.

I am pretty sure that Dreams are the first steps that lead us to that reality.


Chinandega (Chinandega/Nicaragua), September 2017

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