#20 ‘My Dream Is To Travel Europe With A Lover’ (Alfonso)

Alfonso does not want to show his face as he fears that his sister could find out that he's homosexual

‘My name is Alfonso and 51 years old. All my Life I lived in León (Nicaragua). When I was young I used to be a worker and the money I earned I invested entirely into food, accommodation and trips to Panama, Honduras, San Salvador and Costa Rica.

…life as a homosexual man in Nicaragua is not easy

I live with my mother in an apartment – and I have to say that I don’t feel comfortable this way. My passion are languages. I speak seven languages and here in León I give one to one Spanish lessons to tourists. But lately it became difficult to find pupils. They often say that they got an mobile Application that they use to learn Spanish. And as I don’t know anything about the internet it’s been difficult for me to make a living.

Alfonso does not want to show off his face as he fears that his sister could find out about his homosexuality.

On top of these financial issues life is not easy being a homosexual man in Nicaragua. People here are very close-minded and I never talked about my homosexuality with my mother.  And she never appealed to me. So we simply don’t talk about it. Neither I could speak the truth to my sister, she won’t understand me at all.

(…) my Dream? As I really like to travel, and I travelled a lot in central America, I would love to travel in Europe. And If I could find a Lover who joins my trip – that’s my Dream.


Santiago de los Caballeros de León (León/Nicaragua), September 2017

Get in Contact with Alfonso / Ponerse en contacto con Alfonso: He’s almost every day at the park in front of the Cathedral

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