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Picture of Emmanuela's tree house

How do we want to live? More precisely: What shape and what kind of material should our buildings of the future made of? Below I write down my ideas and recent experiences:

When I walk though streets of bigger cities I almost get depressed by the boring grey looking houses. In addition there is very little green area. And also, in my opinion, the shape and used materials of these houses unfortunately differ very little. Inspiration where? How is that possible in consideration of the fact that there are so many creative models out there to build alternative houses?

In late 2015 I read an article about the OAS1S project. A dutch architect had the idea to construct green buildings which imitate the shape and nature of a tree. It’s buildings are tall and got green external walls to guarantee decent isolation. I totally was inspired by this idea and immediately called a good friend. A couple of days later we found ourselves in a car on its way to the Netherlands. Road trip. We met the founder of OAS1S and shot this little video:

“What we need is architecture which truly fusions with nature”

(Raimond De Hullu, founder of OAS1S)

On point. I left the Netherlands even more inspired. Not even a year later I accidentally crashed into Emmanuela’s tree house. I just was amazed of what was created. Beautiful architecture without harming the tree, a true fusion with nature as Raimund would say.

Tree Houses as a housing possibility

Luckily I got the chance to stay a night in that tree house. As I use to say that language is too limited to express what I felt at this place I try at least to find a few precise words: Full harmony. I felt pure, blessed and very vivid. If you ever get a chance to stay one or more nights in a tree house – do it!

Living in a tree house does not mean going back to the middle age. What nowadays is possible is not only a fusion between humanity and nature, but also a fusion between humanity, Nature and Technology. Why should it not be possible to integrate useful technology into a tree house? Emmanuela’s tree house for example got Solar panels to lighten the few energy parsimonious lamps she got. Much more is possible.

‘Venus Project’ – A futuristic view

The aspect of a fusion between technology and Nature makes me remind of the ‘Venus Project‘ of the futurist Jacque Fresco. The 100 year old inventor created a lot of things in his life. Inspired and powered by the existing vast wealth inequality he pushed his ideas into society and found a way to inspire thousands of people with his ideas and concepts. Fresco also imagines a human future life in the sea. These concepts may do impress by great design and promises like “Beyond Politics, Poverty, & War” (as one of his book titles), but in my opinion all his concepts lack a inclusion of nature.

By Amber Case
flickr, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Living in an Earthship

Another option is the Earthship model. The american Michael Reynolds invented this beauty in 70’s. Constructers of Earthships usually work with natural and recycled materials. The focus is clearly set on efficacy. In all terms. Big and tall windows are used to receive as lot of sun light as possible and it is even used for a little indoor garden. Solar panels should not be missed obviously and geothermal energy is used by building the Earthships partly into a hill. I’ve seen plenty of beautiful Earthship photos in the world wide web-  can’t wait to see one of them through my own eyes.

By Dominic Alves
flickr, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

We are the ones who choose

As the population of the planet is constantly raising so the abundance of ideas is. It’s a vast pity that a big majority use to live in these boring, grey and literally uninspiring houses. But I might be wrong, may be the transition to alternative housing is already happing right now!

By answering the question in what kind of building we want to live is not highly political it’s also a philosophical thing. Do I choose building a ‘grey house’ from a illustrated catalog or do I rather decide to be the active & creative constructer of my own building?

The question “What is your Dream” can be very shocking, but so it is  the question as follows: ‘In what kind of building you want to live’. Making the decision to live and sleep in a tree, or in a hill/cave or in the sea should not be underestimated.

I am very happy that I have met some visionaries in my younger ages – I am sure that the project LeoDreams is going to lead me to further futurist architects. I feel it.

By the way…what kind of building do you prefer to live in? Post your opinion in the comments!


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