‘I work 2 hours per day’ – Interview with Nomad Sam

Sam doing what he likes

‘My Dream is to travel the word’ – I hear this phrase so many times when I ask people about their lifetime Dreams. Especially the younger ones: 20-35 yrs. I’d say that the majority of this age group dreams about dropping their rusty daily grind in order to travel the world. It seems that the young ones got a deep feeling inside them what activates their Nomad’s roots. Anyways, probably most travel Dreams remain Dreams due to lack of will and courage.

But some weeks ago I met Samson, a vivid 32 yrs old Canadian who no longer wanted to Dream to really see the beauty of this planet. He left Canada and is almost retiring with only 32 years.

Enjoy the little interview I did with Sam(Check out his Blog!):

Sam, what made you be a digital nomad? How did everything started?

My story? It begins on Sunday night. Not any special kind of Sunday night, but a normal ass Sunday night. The kind of night that I had every Sunday, lying in bed and going “Oh here comes Monday.”

But, on this very normal, very not out of the ordinary, and not very special Sunday night I couldn’t sleep, because I had a thought. “How much money do I really need?”. I was making over $100 000 a year in a lucrative job in marketing and advertising, but I realized after tax I wasn’t making THAT much. And the money that I was making? I spent it on drinking, hanging out with friends and dating. Seriously my bar tabs then for the night, would sometimes be the same as what I spend on rent for a month in Thailand right now.

Sam pointing to his homeland

Literally 70% of my life was spent working so that I could enjoy life in Canada. That’s when I did some math. If I could find a place that costs $1000 a Canadian a month to live, I didn’t have to work for the rest of my life. (I have a house, and some investments) Right now I’m spending a month in each place, trying to find the best place to retire for BestCountriesToRetireCheap.com. I would have never seen the sunsets in Bali, or the centre of the world if I hadn’t followed my dreams.

The rest of my days consist of working out, writing, making new friends and learning new languages. (I can’t even imagine getting up, going to the the mandatory Monday morning meeting, and having “coffee breaks”. ) Now, as I’m doing this interview, I’m having pizza and a beer in Quito, Ecuador. I wake up every day, and think. Really? Why did I wait this long? Follow your dreams. Do the math. Make it happen. Don’t let fear stop you.

What to you do for living? how many hours you work per day?

I retained some of my old advertising clients, and work on there social media about 2 hours a day. That pays me $1500 a month. Much more than I need, and that’s without dipping into the savings.

Please compare the Sam before being a digital nomad and the current Sam

The old version of me was stressed, overweight, drinking and smoking too much.

The new version is right now drinking sitting in sunny Ecuador, getting paid to do what he likes, and in much better shape.

What does the cat think about Sam?

Where do you go and how much time you stay at one place?

I spend a month in each city trying to find the best country to retire cheap. My mission is to retire for $1000 Canadian a month. Last year I checked out South East Asia, this year it’s South America. Right now, during this interview I’m in Quito, Ecuador. I love it here!

Thanks for your words, Sam. The crowd will appreciate it!


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