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Why I need some money to do this project

As LeoDreams is the central piece in my life & I will put a lot of effort into it. I catch Dreams, write articles & shoot documentaries. As we live in money based society one needs at least a bit of money to make a living (living without money is not impossible, but as I always move around it is difficult to handle). I use a lot and from time to time I participate at  Wwoofing projects to exchange work into accommodation and aliments. So all the money I need is for my health insurance, aliments and drinks for my VW Bus.

Fortunately there exist a website for Artists called “Patreon“. On this website you are able to tip filmmakers, musicians, writers …and LeoDreams. It’s like going into a restaurant. If you enjoy the meal and service you are free to value the done work with a buck or two.

How does Patreon work? 

Patreon is comparable to crowdfunding campaigns, but the big difference is that Patreon works on a continious (monthly) basis with the goal to guarantee a regular income for the artist.

I highly value every single “Patreon” who supports me and LeoDreams. If you support me with a single $ a month…that would be already huge!  You help me to make a living from this project I love.

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