Colombia: My Taxi Driver Is On Coke

By m.a.r.c. flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Early this month I finally crossed the border to Colombia, it’s one of the few countries in the world I am super curious about. At the border: I am not even 5 minutes in Columbia a man appears and offers me a lift to a town close by. Fore sure I jump into his car. What a great opening in Colombia!

I get dropped off at the terminal in the nearby town, I take the night bus and arrive about 7 am next day in Cali (south Colombia). As my phone got robbed in a bus in Quito (very sneaky story) I decided to go for a taxi. It’s safer than a bus full of people & cheap compared to european standards.

But it turns out that this decision was a total flop. A disaster.

Why? I just enter the Taxi and tell the driver the address. The driver already gets nervous and I have no clue why. ‘Falta numero, falta numero’. There is a number missing, he’s talking loud and fast ! ‘Oh, could be’, I think, but why does he react like weirdo and gets nervous. I am looking for the address again, in the meanwhile my driver stops the car close to other taxi drivers and shouts out of the window. He shouts out the address I told him. And then adds ‘DONDE, AYUDAME?’


It’s a wtf moment. He screams in a very disgusting way and the other persons around feel offended. I would like to apologize. I just got the worst taxi driver in town, they know, I know, but there is not way to communicate.

I look at my driver and only in this moment I realize his big pupils. He’s on coke. Shit. Ok, good realization, I better leave this car now. But this realization comes definately too late. My driver already started a fight with an other taxi driver. My driver gets off the car and they really start poking each other. F***. I can’t believe it. I lay my hands on my face and hope that nobody of them got a knife or a gun. In this situation I just imagine a helicopter appears, then I recognize the person by his distinctive moustache. It’s Pablo Escobar. With a huge machine gun in his hands, he starts shooting and yelling. I open my eyes. Ok, no helicopter appeared, but…

It Becomes Dicy

In the meanwhile my driver managed to get back into the car, but the storm isn’t over yet: In the outdoor mirror I can see the other taxi driver with a very angry mien. Yes, he’s chasing us for real and continues yelling out of his window. Great, this situation feels like my movie has changed: now I feel like being in ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’. The bad thing about it: The ‘real movie’ is called ‘2fast 2 serious’.

Both drivers really get crazy and ask I myself what kind of drug the other chasing taxi driver possibly took. For a distance of ca. 1km they play the 2fast 2serious game, until my driver hurries up and finally takes quite a sharp curve, which the chasing taxi driver could not take, he gets stuck at the corner and yells something for the last time. I don’t know what he said, but it probably was not a love story he told.

Life Lesson

I believe that every single outcome or happening imply a deeper meaning you have to understand. I figured out: There is a clear message about my experience: I should open my eyes, be present. Process fast and act immediately. In the beginning I did not analyze the driver, I trusted him for no reason and when I wanted to leave the taxi I couldn’t anymore. A mistake in a early stage get punished in a later one.


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