Cat Travels The World

A couple of days ago I met this guy from France. He’s another nomad who’s on the road for 2 years now. He got my attention – of course – when I saw this cat sitting still on his shoulder. What the …? I already saw somebody in Asuncion (Paraguay) downtown also walking with a cat on his shoulder, so my introducing question was

Have you been in Asuncion as well?

He denied and explained that he found this cat in Colombia on the street. Unfortunately we had very little time to talk so I could not grasp the full story.

Let’s hope that I will meet this guy in Mexico city so that I can produce a little video about his trip, cat and Dreams!

By the way what amazes me most about traveling with a cat is the fact that this cat will see the world. How does this affect the behavior of the cat? What does the cat think about all this? How’s the relationship evolving as it’s not very natural to stick that close to a human being all the time? So many questions to ask…


San José del Pacifico (Oaxaca/Mexico), November 2017


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