The Man Who Talks To Whales

Yes, it’s true. It’s not a ferry tale. There is argentinian Park Ranger who succeed to communicate with Orcas (‘killer whales’). 

When I was close to Puerto Madryn (ARG) my hosts told me a story about this guy who could create a connection to wild Orcas. I teared up my ears since I got interested in the world of language.

What Bubas did and still does simply blows my mind. For me it’s a prove that life on planet earth is a ferry tale. But only if you want to see it, focus on your goals, be patient and never stop believing.

Watch out:    (these 285 lifetime seconds are greatly invested)

Everything is language

When I watched the short documentary I thought: ‘I would love to talk with Bubas about the process of getting closer to the Orcas. What kind of language did he use? Did he invent a new form of language? Did the his harmonica music the major job? Did he fear the whales when he first entered the water?’

Talk to trees?

As the woman in the little documentary says: The connection between a human being and a dolphin is a mystery. We just don’t understand how it works. We know that there is at least the will on both sides to connect with each other.

An other example of a connection between a human being and an animals is the story of ‘The Lion Man’. The conditions are different (The lion man could create a connection when the lions were young; human beings and lions are both terrestrial creatures), but it’s still a fascinating thing. Being part of lion family and ‘play’ with its members is legendary.

Recently a friend told me about a person who works with trees. He gets and uses the vibration of trees to transform them into music, then one day he wants to create an orchestra of a whole forest. Sounds crazy, may be insane?

Shifting baselines.

…’is a type of change to how a system is measured, usually against previous reference points (baselines), which themselves may represent significant changes from an even earlier state of the system.’

Today we could call this person crazy (in a negative way), but the examples of the Lion Man and Bubas are hints, that the first step has been already made. The next step will be the understanding of the animal’s language  or inventing a new form of language. And once this is achieved it may will be quite normal to talk with whales and lions?!

What is Bubas’ Dream?

As this documentary about Bubas completely blew my mind my first idea was to meet him. I contacted him on Facebook and as he was traveling at this time he offered me to have a talk on Skype. This made me happy cause at this moment I knew that I could ask all the questions about him. But I had a very bad timing. A couple of days later a movie (deal about his connection to whales) got released and he went famous. And then I saw a picture: The pope on the left and Bubas on the right. I realized that I completely missed my timing window.

I need to come back to Argentina another time.



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