Let’s Drop The Bomb Of Love

Art Work By Sayra Latif

I lost a friend and I don’t want to let repeat this story: Let’s drop the bomb of love. Today. Together. First, I will tell you the story of my lost friend & what’s the idea behind the ‘bomb of love’. I believe in the power of words and connections:

Last year when I was in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) I figured out that students occupied the universities. This was a form of protest to say ‚No‘ to the president’s cuts in the Brazilian education system.

As I was curious about the protest I went to University to see what was happening. I wanted to know how they deal with the current situation. When I arrived I talked to a couple of students, then I saw a guy playing soccer, I went there, we had a short chat and he accepted my foolish offer to play a 1on1 on that hot summer day. After a couple of minutes we were done and toasted by the sun.

We continued to talk and he showed me around to all the different parts of the university. I shared some stories/Dreams and experiences related to my trip, he talked about quantum physics & other theories about the vast universe. 

All the hours we spent together there was a very pleasant atmosphere, we inspired each other, listened attentively to each other, we were literally into each other. It happens rarely to click with somebody immediately. But this time it happened. We were walking on the street and I was thinking:

Uff, this guy is great, I feel like giving him a huge hug

And while I had this thought he just stopped walking. He asked me: ‘Could I please hug you?’. That was tripy. Of course! We hugged each other for a minute. Language is too limited to describe the sphere you get in where both live in, right? It’s like being on the same frequency. It was a cozy, an inspiring and harmonious sphere, a level of deep understanding. Then, it turned out that he’s passionate about playing chess as well, so we headed to his home, took his board and played a couple of games at a close-by lake. 

It was a great day and in the end of the diem we took it for granted that we gonna see each other again at a different time and space. His middle-term goal was also to travel the world. ‚Ciao, see you soon, somewhere.’ In a good mood, feeling lifted by his knowledge and positivity I headed home. Despite he only got 20 years he was my master in several things. That positivity he radiated through his smiles and knowledge was truly impressive.

Recently I found out that he committed suicide. It hit me like a hammer. 

Why is it just that person with one of the most positive attitude towards life I know? Sure I only knew him for one day and there is a backstory which I don’t know. Nobody commits suicide for nothing.

Anyways, I never thought that a death of a person you know only for a single day could affect me that strong. He was a beloved person, spreaded good vibrations all over the places he went. It’s a huge loss and probably that’s why it’s so  hard to accept his suicide and the reason why I write down these lines.

We are never(!) alone

Recently I reflected about how it would feel to take the decision to commit suicide. When depression and solitude becomes too maddening. How to break the vicious circle?

How can we break that circle?

It’s about to make contact

It does not matter how isolated someone is or feels to be. The point is, that we can make a big difference by contacting our beloved and less beloved ones. My idea is simple: Let’s drop the so called ‘Bomb Of Love’. I feel it and I am pretty sure about it: A lot of people out there feel lonely, isolated and unloved even if they are not. Life is a huge mystery and sometimes this riddle is very confusing – for all of us. But at the same time we live in this quite new digital era and we can make us feel more connected. So dropping the bomb of love means that you tell your friends and family and fellows in a sincerely way that you’re there for them anytime, that they can contact you in any situation, that you love them.

I believe in the multiplying effect of this bomb of love. Just image what is possible with this. This message could reach millions. Let’s drop it, prevent possible suicides and change the world. Let’s speak from our hearts.

Let our words make magic happen.


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