Bamboo – An Incredible Resource

Recently I worked a couple of days on a coffee farm. The owner of the Farm decided to rebuild their house and once again I am amazed by its architecture. I don’t like the concrete too much you can see in the picture (here in south Colombia I saw a lot of houses made out of horse poo-poo bricks – they last forever they say). But what I like most about this house is the bamboo: Even if the roots are cut off the wood remains alive. The bamboo poles still absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. I did some research and found that bamboo is a super strong oxygen producer:

(…) bamboo produces more than 35% more oxygen than trees. Research in Japan and elsewhere has demonstrated that bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year, giving the plant a potentially crucial role in stabilising our planet’s atmosphere. More bamboo would undoubtedly help the environment – but we need to find more modern uses for the plant. (source: Guardian)

The only downside if one uses bamboo poles for constructions: Termites love bamboo. It’s quite complex to put a special cream into the poles to keep the termites away.  At this house the owners put the cream into the poles once a year for the next couple three years, then once in five years. Additionally one  must protect the bamboo surface with varnish – it’s also costly and a lot of work.

But a work which is worth it in my opinion. It’s beautiful and imagine the quantity of oxygen which got produced in the house you live in.

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