Avenida Paulista is Techno

I was in Paradise last week and I couldn’t get in touch with anybody there. Rich and poor live right next to each other, but anxiety and isolation seperates both sides. No connection possible at all.

Then early this week I walked down ‘Avenida Paulista’ (principal street in center of São Paulo) and guess what I realized. On this big street the whole Brazilian society gets together. Rich, poor, black, white, homosexuals, heterosexuals, transgender, homeless people, artists, business men etc. All of them in a hurry, rushing along Avenida Paulista.

Tension caught on video

As I wanted to catch this hectic rush on video there was no better fitting audio track than ‘Heiko Laux – Fernweh (Kajioka Remix)’. This impulsive Techno track underlines our daily routine. Running, everybody on its own mission, walking on the very same soil.

By the way..As you can see I had no steady cam and I know some parts of the vid are hard to watch. There are a lot of shaky shots. But in the end this emphasizes the nervousness of ‘Avenida Paulista’.

Rave on.


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