#2 Alexandre – This time a Dream caught me

It is Sunday evening. I am in the city center of Sao Paulo and I am super tired. All I want is to buy some fruits, taking the metro back home and get my deserved rest. But I fail on this simple plan.

Right next to the supermarket close to “Avenida Paulista” there is a guy sitting on the ground talking to me ‘Oi. Amigo. Olha aqui’ – Hey my friend, have a look. I deny and tell him that I would talk to him after buying aliments. I come back with a full bag of bananas and offer bananas. This time he denies. With wide opened sparkling eyes he asks me where I do come from and why I am here. We share personal information – and so I got to know that he was a mechanic for a long time, then lost his job and started painting and selling his artwork on the street. I prepare my Dream catcher: What’s your Dream, Alexandre?

My Dream? My Dream is that there happen less evilness on our planet.

I am irritated. I definitely estimated a material Dream. A house, enough aliments. Or at least security which is not guaranteed at all when one lives on the street. But no. All he wants is less evilness on our planet. Could you believe it? I am overwhelmed, I start smiling and feel that I need to sit in front of him.

He continues to talk more about his life. ‘I take a shower everyday. But look. I am dirty. Cause I prefer sitting on the floor, paint with passion, my brush hits my legs and feet.’ He smiles such intense and I ask myself how the world would look like if most people were as vivid and passionate as Alexandre. If there were more living than existing humans.

Since I am thankful to have met Alexandre I open up my pocket and give Alexandre twenty Reais. Money stinks but at the same time through money I got the possibility to honor his work and show respect to his thoughts. And I am so happy that I just revealed his beautiful Dream. Leaving right now – I think this is the perfect moment. Alexandre refuses. He does not let me go. The man with the big curly hair stands up, picks up a painting and tells me about the idea of it. ‘Look. All the people who pass me..I paint them. I create one human, consisting of all the other humans.’

‘The painting is yours’, he let me know. Suddenly out of nothing a lot of people pass the narrow pavement. There is absolutely no space to transfer the painting. In between me and Alexandre tons of people pass and I realize that all those people got bunched into this single painting which I am about to receive in a couple of seconds. With best care and attention Alexandre interacts with every single person who passes. The rush is over. Now I hold the painting in my hands. Goose bumps. This is the moment to leave.

‘You can always visit me’, Alex tells me while I am already standing up. He points to the tree in front of the entrance of the supermarket. He starts laughing. I live right under this tree. He continues laughing.

I head to the Metro station. Headphones on, negative thoughts off. I start dancing in the middle of the subway, could not stop smiling. I was high. High of life.

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