About LeoDreams

Get Inspired By Dreams, Help Fullfilling Dreams Of Other Dreamers & Connect With Them To Realize Your Own Dream Through LeoDreams

LeoDreams is not another “Ego pushing Blog”. This website is created for all Dreamers of our beloved Planet Earth. On this website I publish lifetime Dreams which I collect from people all around the world. Caught Dreams got either uploaded as labeled pictures or as short documentaries. If Dreams remain Dreams is up to You and me. The realization of a published Dream always depends on your(!) and my initiative. LeoDreams mainly set the focus on revealing Dreams in order to inspire and remind people on their Dreams.

Our world craves for new ideas – articulating Dreams is a decent first step to get things started. Dreamers manifest their Dreams by articulating them. By talking about Dreams other humans get inspired and also the chance to support and connect with Dreamers.

How I got the idea of LeoDreams:

Me at home sweet home

Me at home sweet home

I am a Dreamer. And as a Dreamer I always have been speaking to me: ‘why do we share our dreams so rarely? Why we do instead waste so much of our energy in fighting with our egos , beliefs, opinions and status symbols?’

According to western lifestyle Dreamers even got a stigma. Sentences like ‘Dream on’ or ‘Mate, are you dreaming again? Wake up!’ show the negative connotation of Dreamers. Criticizers may say Dreamers get nothing changed in reality. Dreams remain Dreams. But I argue we first need to reveal our Dreams to manifest our Dreams. Moreover an insight into other Dreams can be a very inspiring experience for all of us. In addition through the internet it is indeed possible to connect all Dreamers and continue realizing our Dreams together.

Why I had to start LeoDreams 

The last four years I studied political science and wrote tons of articles (≈500) on another blog about politics and society. Honestly I have to admit that I am fed up with political discussions. Out there, at political discussions in the internet and in real life, I see an endless war on opinions and I really do not see a reason for me continue fighting on this battleground.

While I realize my Dream I dipp into Dreams of humans I meet.

In early 2016 I finished my studies and since then I was looking for constructive projects. After a couple of brainstorming sessions I came up with the idea of realizing my own Dream by traveling around the world, catching and unveiling Dreams of people I meet. One could say while I realize my Dream (explore the world I live in, catch Dreams, shoot documentaries, write articles, connect humans and make a living from all the content I create on LeoDreams) I dipp into Dreams of humans I meet.

I was encouraged to go for this dream project ‘LeoDreams’ through a YouTube video in 2015. There was an old Greek man who could not get any money out of the cash machine. He sat on the pavement. Desperation reduced him to cry. Media covered this drama. Then the internet did its job. A guy from Australia recognized this desperate man. He was a old friend of his late father. The Australian felt that he had to do something and launched a crowdfunding campaign…and succeeded! The Greek man, who worked hard all his entire life now receives a crowdfunded rent from people around the world. This beautiful story taught me one thing: ‘If one knows the backstory of others the motivation to help is enormous’.

How much and which Content will be shared?

The number of caught and published Dreams will depend on almost infinite variables. But I will try to deliver a continuous high quality content.