A Painting Of Collective Lifetime Dreams

Some weeks ago there was an event – and I exhibited an empty screen and some crayons. The goal was to create a painting, which is going to be full of indiviual dreams so that in the end we come up with a painting of collective Dreams.

And this is the result:

Despite the fact that we are all human beings and share the same needs such as food, shelter, love, community, selflove etc. the shaped and ideas of the Dream world differs a lot.

I find it quite interesting to see what people dream of (lifetime dream). Whereas a couple full of love came by and painted themselfes in a wagon on a roller coaster which ends in big love, somebody else draw himself as powerful man, raising his own love and therefore power. His idea was that sometimes he has those moments of oneness and pure balance so may it is possible to prolong these moments into constant presence.

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