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Forget Politics & Economics – Inspiration Is Key

The LeoDreams project has also something to do with Economy and Politics. In this article I will underline why ‘inspiration’ is in my opinion the most important thing to achieve a higher life quality for all of us. In ancient times it was usual that philosophers were supporters of holism. Society, science, biology, economy, physics etc. it all came together, all the... Read more »

Is It Worth It To Have Lifetime Dreams?

My journey with LeoDreams is alive for 16 months now and during this time I could learn a lot and recognize some patterns concerning lifetime Dreams. This is a story of broken Dreams. A while ago I met a man in his mid fifties who dreamed of being a successful scriptwriter. He dreamed of being at the Academy Awards ceremony. His vision:... Read more »

The Man Who Talks To Whales

Yes, it’s true. It’s not a fairy tale. There is Argentinian Park Ranger who succeed to communicate with Orcas (‘killer whales’).  When I was close to Puerto Madryn (ARG) my hosts told me a story about this guy who could create a connection to wild Orcas. I teared up my ears since I got interested in the world of language. What Bubas... Read more »

We Need To Realize Dream Architecture

As I began LeoDreams I got more into Dreams of other people and so I got more and more interested in architecture. Why? Because I met quite a lot of people who are sick of living in a boring apartment, everything is square-cut, everything lacks life, lacks spirit. (earlier this year I wrote a short article about buildinsy of the future: click here) Let’s... Read more »