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Leo Link   1. October 2017   No Comments on Make-Up-Off
Since my America trip started I had quite a lot of discussions with women complaining about chauvinism (machismo). Machismo is a widespread disease, occures in many forms and often got its origins in little details. In the following post I will focus on the use of make-up: It’s risks and possibilities. There is a pattern I recognized: Those stories of the women... Read more »

Dutch Pancakeman organizes pancake parties all over the world!

When I was traveling in Medellin (Colombia) I saw an event on Couchsurfing: ‘Dutch Pancake Night’. Nothing special about it. Then I headed to Bogotá, same story: ‘Dutch Pancake Night’. Again? I decided to do some research and found out that there is a guy from the Netherlands who does play the pancake game all over the world. As I cheer for... Read more »

Live A Nomad Life On A Budget – 10 Tips

You want to live the Nomad Life? You don’t have much money? Don’t worry. I got some tips for you! With a couple little tricks it has probably never been more easy than today to travel the world on a budget. With this article I want to encourage all Dreamers out there to go for a big trip. Read this article, have a... Read more »