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MASP. São Paulo. Subculture Soup.

Just by accident I found this footage(2016) on my computer (see below). And it made me remember good memories of my time in Brazil, seeing those youngsters having fun on that spinning playground. A fun generator. Its pretty easy to build it. Just make the thing turn, jump on the platform and enjoy the ride. It’s fun. The footage was shot at... Read more »

We Need To Realize Dream Architecture

As I began LeoDreams I got more into Dreams of other people and so I got more and more interested in architecture. Why? Because I met quite a lot of people who are sick of living in a boring apartment, everything is square-cut, everything lacks life, lacks spirit. (earlier this year I wrote a short article about buildinsy of the future: click here) Let’s... Read more »

Dream Stuff: Buildings Of The Future

How do we want to live? More precisely: What shape and what kind of material should our buildings of the future made of? Below I write down my ideas and recent experiences: When I walk though streets of bigger cities I almost get depressed by the boring grey looking houses. In addition there is very little green area. And also, in my opinion, the shape and... Read more »