Dutch Pancakeman organizes pancake parties all over the world!

When I was traveling in Medellin (Colombia) I saw an event on Couchsurfing: ‘Dutch Pancake Night’. Nothing special about it. Then I headed to Bogotá, same story: ‘Dutch Pancake Night’. Again? I decided to do some research and found out that there is a guy from the Netherlands who does play the pancake game all over the world. As I cheer for people with crazy ideas I asked Robin, the pancake-man, some questions about his project. Enjoy:

🥞 Pancakes; Android Oreo 🥞 Pancakes; Android Oreo 🥞 Pancakes; Android Oreo

Robin, you have been organizing Pancake-events in 63 countries already. What is your major goal with this?

Robin Vogelaar: My major goal is to bring people together and to have a nice evening together. Otherwise it is a good way to get to know people before I visit a place and to know people to hang out with. 

Robin cooking…guess what?!

How did the project evolve over time?

It started in Hong Kong 8 years ago, when my classmates cooked me Asian dinner and in return I decided to make pancakes for them. Then I did it during my studies in Boston. And then when I returned to Amsterdam for work. It started slowly and mostly with small events.

However, when I started doing marketing everywhere, it quickly grew. At one point I felt comfortable enough to also organize these events abroad, first at people’s apartments and then in hostels/bars.

Is there a Pancake community based on a website or how do you inform the people out there?

There is a pancake page, but I mostly do marketing via Facebook groups, Couchsurfing, Internations and Meetup.com

Tokyo people seem to get crazy after eating dutch pancakes! (look at the guy with the flour – that’s pure dedication)

You connect people by the art of cooking. What else – according to your experiences – helps to create connections among people?

I think people can be connected in multiple ways. In my own events, I think people get connected through the actual cooking, but also before the events via the Whatsapp / Facebook group chats and during the event as people come with a very similar open-minded mindset. 

What are your plans for the future?

As for my near future, I will do a world trip and travel from location to location with the event. 

As for how the event will develop, I actually don’t know. Maybe it grows in size, maybe at more special locations or maybe with a more social character.

Thanks for sharing, Robin! 


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