Clean Up The Beach In Salango (Ecuador)

Yesterday I stranded in Salango, a small fisherman village located in south of Ecuador. Luckily I met Dani a very friendly 23 years old guy who offers Trips to Salango Island: Snorkling etc. included. Instead of booking a tour I made friends with Dani and so I also got invited to the father’s birthday of his bride-to-be. Although the birthday boy overslept the whole... Read more »

Kiss Of The Dragonfruit

Recently I went to a supermarket to grab some items. And when I passed the fruits there was one crazy fruit which got my attention. The color, the shape, the size. Everything of the so called dragonfruit got my attraction. So I grabbed it, cut it, ate it. And how could I explain this certain taste with words only? It’s Impossible, so if you... Read more »

We Need To Realize Dream Architecture

As I began LeoDreams I got more into Dreams of other people and so I got more and more interested in architecture. Why? Because I met quite a lot of people who are sick of living in a boring apartment, everything is square-cut, everything lacks life, lacks spirit. (earlier this year I wrote a short article about buildinsy of the future: click here) Let’s... Read more »

When A Wizard Dreams To Win The Lottery

The man with the big white beard is busy. Trampling down the cans which are stored in a huge plastic bag. All the moves he does are made in a very conscious and slow manner. This day I make an interesting encounter.  It seems like he’s meditating. ‚Could I ask you something?’, I break the silence. Like he’s still meditating he replies ‚sure’. I somehow... Read more »

Dream Stuff: Buildings Of The Future

How do we want to live? More precisely: What shape and what kind of material should our buildings of the future made of? Below I write down my ideas and recent experiences: When I walk though streets of bigger cities I almost get depressed by the boring grey looking houses. In addition there is very little green area. And also, in my opinion, the shape and... Read more »

“Da kannst Du dir deine Finger wund schreiben” – Erstes Interview über LeoDreams!

Anbei mal ein alternatives Interview mit Leo Link von Leo Dreams, der uns von sich selbst Folgendes sagt: „Leo, Baujahr 1990, Traumfänger, Guerillakämpfer in der Schlacht gegen die Monotonie, Abenteurer auf Mission „Weltreise“, Filmliebhaber, meisterloser Akademiker mit Perspektive, Freund der vegetarischen Küche, Wortkünstler.... Read more »

„Ich Will Das Beste Kind Im Ganzen Universum Sein“ – wie ich Gareths Traum fing

Anfang Juni. Zweitausendundsechzehn. Ich schlender durch die breiten Nebenstraßen der Weststadt São Paulos. In meinem Kopf kreisen die immer gleichen Gedanken. Gedanken über die traumlosen Stunden im Paradies. Die Unmöglichkeit, nicht einen einzigen Traum im Grenzgebiet der Favela ‘Paraisópolis’ und der reichen angrezenden Nachbarschaft “Morumbi” einzufangen, drückt  meine Stimmung. Wenn Menschen zu mir sagen, dass sie keine Träume haben, meldet sich die... Read more »

Dreamless in Paradise

Border Paraisópolis - Morumbi
The idea of LeoDreams is simple. I catch Dreams of people I meet. An easy job you may think. But sometimes asking this question isn’t easy at all.  When I saw this picture (on the left) for the first time I was sure: Photoshop. 100%. This is just too weird to be true. Imagine you would live in one of those apartments having a... Read more »

#2 Alexandre – This time a Dream caught me

It is Sunday evening. I am in the city center of Sao Paulo and I am super tired. All I want is to buy some fruits, taking the metro back home and get my deserved rest. But I fail on this simple plan. Right next to the supermarket close to “Avenida Paulista” there is a guy sitting on the ground talking to me... Read more »

Thoughts on #1 Rinaldo’s Dream

Background information: While I was working on a reafforestation project in Minas Gerais (Brazil) I lived in very small town. There was little to do. Most of the time three local guys and I sat down anywhere on the railways. On a Saturday evening I asked them: 'what do you usually do on a Saturday night?'. One of them calmly said: 'We just sit right here, listening... Read more »