Why Are Colombians So Freaky Friendly?

It’s a while ago when I left Colombia, but there is something I need to write about: It’s a huge ‘thank-you, Colombia??‘. Compared to all the other South American countries Colombia is a great outlier in terms of ‘kindliness’. 

As probably most people think about Escobar and cocaine when hearing the word ‘Colombia’, so I did. It doesn’t matter where exactly in Colombia I stayed, people were super friendly to me.

I got invited for drinks, breakfast, lunch and from one Couchsurfing host I even got clothes as I was losing a lot of clothing on my journey.

One day I was in the coffee area (south from Medellin) and went for walk. At that time I was willing to find a place where I could volunteer at a coffee farm. At the first farm a senior told me that they don’t grow coffee at all, but she would like to make breakfast for me. hmm ‘ok’, that’s nice. No job, but breakfast. Not too bad. I was as surprised as happy about her offer.

After breakfast I continued to hike and find a ‘real’ coffee farm, the owner invites me to have a sit. She gave me two tangerines and a tea. We talk a lot about the difference of cultures and traveling. In the end it turns out that she does not need support at her farm. So after the refreshment and the juicy snack I leave the place and all the way back I keep on asking myself why people in Colombia are so remarkable friendly?!

I am in north Colombia and as I am talking to a friend about cultures I do it. I ask her: ‘Why are Colombians so super friendly?’ For me it does not make sense if one bares in mind that the last 60 years in Colombia were dominated by murder, corruption and distrust. Her response stunned me:

What do you think we should have done against all that darkness? The only response to this pain and murder was and is being nice to each other. To Offer help and be friendly to the people all the time.

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2 thoughts on “Why Are Colombians So Freaky Friendly?

  1. Deanna

    I haven’t been to Colombia but I’d love to visit one day.
    I’m a gringa from Florida and I’ve always been fascinated with geography/world countries and Colombia is on my list to visit (along with indonesia, malaysia, myanmar, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, brazil, suriname, belize and argentina)
    My theory is that since their culture is based around family/friends, dancing/family gatherings and cultural events this makes for a very social type of people. They know how to pick themselves up from disappointments and move on in life despite obstacles due to a strong support network. I’m guessing many were raised to be strong yet not take life too seriously which is a good thing.

  2. Elena

    A country I am dying to visit and only hear good things about!
    Everyone I met who have been there tells me the people are exceptionally friendly.
    Many people go there for vacation but end up making their vacation permanent.
    Beautiful post


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