#25 ‘My Dream Is To Inspire People With My Art’ (Rafa)

When I was in Medellín I got to know Rafa Padilla M, a local painter . Medellin – It’s an interesting city due to its history and so there are a lot of stories to tell. Rafa has to tell a story as well.

Medellín has changed a lot. A lot of people still link the name ‘Medellin’ to ‘Escobar’, but nowadays there is a transformation taking place: Medellin has become a safer place to live and it also became home for tons of start-ups and even big companies which focus on the south american market.

Also  a r t ∞   is blooming there as well: Graffitis exist on countless walls and buildings.


Medellín (Antioquia/Colombia), July 2017

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