#26 ‘My Dream Is To Build A House Very Soon’ (Emilio)

‘I am Emilio, 30 years old. During the last eight years I fried 150 kg potatoes every day at this main square in Santiago Atitlan (Guatemala). From 9 am to 11pm. I do this for my two sons and my wife. If everything will be smooth we will move to my home town which is an eight hours drive form here. In 2019.

The best french fries I have eaten in a long while. Crispy and natural..thats the way!

My Dream is to build a house there for my family and use the money I made in the last years. My sons who are two and three years old should have a decent education. Sometimes I dream that they become an engineer and a lawyer. That would be great, I did not have the possibility. I only went to school for three years.

And I also want a change in my life, I think I did fry enough potatoes. I will get hired by a company which produces bricks.


Santiago Atitlan (Atitlan/Guatemala), October 2017

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