#31 ‘My Dream Is To Transform Juchitán’ (Humberto)

The Earthquake in Mexico and its impacts. Recently I visited the town Juchitán which is heavily affected by that earthquake I also met Humberto Lopez Gomez who shared his lifetime Dream and his goals and visions for futural Juchitán. Then I caught his Dream on ? and here is the final video: Fuerza para Mexico. Juntos. Adelante!   Juchitán de Zaragoza (Chiapas/Mexico), November 2017 Get in... Read more »

#30 ‘My Dream Is To Spread Good Vibrations (Janet)

Here we go; Recently I went to the magical town called ‘San Cristobal de las Casas’ (Mexico) and I met Dreamer Janet. At the main square we sat down and Janet started to dream…have to look:  ツ   San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas/Mexico), November 2017 Get in Contact with Janet / Ponerse en contacto con Janet:  Her Facebook LeoDreams: Read more »

#28 ‘My Dream Is To Succeed Freedom’ (Vladimir)

In the beginning of October I had the pleasure to catch Vladimir’s Dream. He was my CouchSurfing host and he found himself in transition phase. He moved to San Ignazio (Belize) recently to start a new chapter. Vladimir’s theme is freedom, so in this following video Vladimir talks about his Need to achieve freedom and explains his definition of freedom. enjoy: San... Read more »

#25 ‘My Dream Is To Inspire People With My Art’ (Rafa)

When I was in Medellín I got to know Rafa Padilla M, a local painter . Medellin – It’s an interesting city due to its history and so there are a lot of stories to tell. Rafa has to tell a story as well. Medellín has changed a lot. A lot of people still link the name ‘Medellin’ to ‘Escobar’, but nowadays there... Read more »

#23 ‘My Dream Is To Be As Rich As I’m Now’ (Jacek)

‘My name is Jacek, I’m from Warsaw (Poland) and I travel alone by hitchhiking across whole America, from north to south. I started my adventure in Canada more than one year ago. I crossed North America and now I’m traveling through Central America. I love to visit new places, try new tastes and the most important for me is to meet local... Read more »

#22 My Dream Is To Live Far Away From The Superficial Way Of Living (Denia)

Hi world! My name is Denia Flores, I love my last name because it describes one of my joys in life, ‘flowers and colors’, I always try to be surrounded by flowers and colors – they mean good vibes for me. I’m an English teacher, currently I am working with teenagers in high school. My first time  teaching as when i was... Read more »

#20 ‘My Dream Is To Travel Europe With A Lover’ (Alfonso)

‘My name is Alfonso and 51 years old. All my Life I lived in León (Nicaragua). When I was young I used to be a worker and the money I earned I invested entirely into food, accommodation and trips to Panama, Honduras, San Salvador and Costa Rica. …life as a homosexual man in Nicaragua is not easy I live with my mother... Read more »

#19 ‘My Dream Is To Empower Deprived People’ (Daniela)

‘I am Daniela Gonzalez. I am 23 years old and I’m from Costa Rica. I grew up in a rural area without my parents. Instead I lived with my grandparents until they both past away. My Grandpa died when I was 12 and my grandmother when I was 17 years old. I was raised in a very conservative way and had to go... Read more »

#18 ‘My Dream Is To Have A Self-Sustainable House’ (Jorge)

Early this year I went to Chiloe, a big island which is part of southern Chile. There I met Jorge the cat lover and electronic music enthusiast. We did only share these passions, we also shared our Dreams. Here we go:         ► Jorge’s Dream:   Quellón (Chiloe/Chile), February 2017 Support LeoDreams: Read more »

#16 ‘My Dream Is To Fall In Love’ (Maximo)

English Version My lifetime Dream is to fall in love. To find a partner. A good human being. Versión Española Mi sueño de la vida es enamorase. Encontrar una compañera de vida. Una buena persona. Deutsche Version Mein (Lebens-)Traum ist es mich zu verlieben. Eine Lebenspartnerin zu finden. Einen guten Menschen zu finden. Arequipa (Arequipa/Peru), May 2017 Ponerse en contacto con Maximo / Get in Contact... Read more »

#15 ‘My Dream Is To Mix Food With Music’ (Sebas)

English Version: My Dream is to create an organisation that develops different areas of Art, and mix them up to create something unique. Something that cracks your brain up. Mixing food with music and performing arts. I want to develop new ways of creating ancestral dishes with modern techniques. While doing everything sustainable I want to help the environment to recover and... Read more »

#14 ‘My Dream Is To Travel And Visit Unknown Places’ (Danyel)

English Version: My Dream is to travel and visit unknown, pristine places in next couple of years. I want to motivate those people who always stay at the same places, invite them to move out and visit these places that I’ll catch with my camera. I’ll share the pictures with the all the people, i’ll make videos as well and I would like to get some sponsors... Read more »

#12 ‘My Dream Is To Live In A Tree House’ (Emmanuela)

At the very last day of this year 2016 I pop the balloon. The twelfth edition on LeoDreams gets published as a video. Emmanuela’s Dream is a special Dream, because she’s the first one I met who managed to realize a Dream; in her case it’s living in tree house. Enjoy watching and I excuse for some sound problems and shaky shots. We all... Read more »

#11 ‘My Dream Is To Win The Lottery’ (Gilberto)

Versão Portugues (English & German Version Below): “Apesar que a vida é um sonho né….más o meu sonho é ganhar na loteria. Têm bastante dinheiro para ti. Eu queria comprar um cantinho tranquilo e seguro para mim. E com pouco do valor eu ganhasse com certeza eu compro um Sitio lá em Igarapé (Minas Gerais). Vou fazer um churrasco com meu filho... Read more »

#10 ‘My Biggest Dream Is To See Brazil With Quality Education’ (Indra)

Versão Portugues (English & German Version Below): “Meu maior sonho é ver a nação brasileira dispor de educação de qualidade. Não só os brasileiros, mas também todos da América Latina. Especificamente os brasileiros porque sou brasileira e percebo o quanto meu querido povo precisa de educação, cultura e consciência política. Acredito que posso contribuir com a melhoria da educação: ser professora, servir,... Read more »

#9 ‘So We Won’t See Wickedness, No Greed’ (Rodrigo)

Versão Portugues (English & German Version Below)’ Meu sonho da vida é que não existe diferenças sociais entre as pessoas. Que não tem desigualdade. É todo mundo sejam iguais. Sendo assim não verá maldade, não verá ganância, não verá nada. Todo mundo viveria muito bem. É se todo munde vive muito bem tudo se torna bom. É isso.     English Version:  My... Read more »

#8 ‘I Saw My Biggest Dream Going Away’ (Emanuel)

Versão português abaixo My Dream is to provide my family a better life quality. This is the main Dream of a family man. Among this Dream I got some more – I’ll tell you now. At age of twelve I met one of the most exciting professions of my life. Being a photographer. I started working on this profession to become a great professional... Read more »

#7 ‘I Want To Be The Best Child In The Whole Universe’ (Gareth)

‘I Want To Be The Best Child In The Whole Universe’. Gareth*.   Read the story how I met Gareth: (german version) English version will be online in the next couple of days       São Paulo (Estado São Paulo/Brazil), June 2016 support LeoDreams: *name was changed... Read more »

#6 Jeffrey’s Dream

Leo Link   25. September 2016   No Comments on #6 Jeffrey’s Dream
‘In general my Dream is that individuals could create more balanced relations with themselves, with each other and their environment. I think that harmony is a necessary step in the evolution of humanity. Focusing on that dream, I see that this achievement has a direct impact on the project which I do here at “Fazenda Baixa da Onça“, dedicated to organic food production through permaculture. It... Read more »

#5 ‘My Dream is to open up libraries in under developed areas’ (Harj)

‘My Dream is to open up libraries in under developed areas so that they can nourish and feed their minds. We have it so abundantly and take advantage, imagine what they could do with almost infinite information.’ German version: “Mein Traum ist es Bibliotheken in Entwicklungsländern zu eröffnen, damit die Menschen dort ihren Geist nähren & mehr Wissen erlangen können. Wir haben Zugang... Read more »

#4 Eduardo’s Dream

“I am Eduardo, a Clown from São Paulo. My Dream is to transform my land (interior of São Paulo) into a place where people come together and play a lot.  Everybody is welcomed. All kinds of people. Sick & disabled people are welcomed as well. And age doesn’t matter. My goal is to make the people remember that playing is as important as... Read more »

#3 Eduardo’s Dream

„My Dream is to quit this vehicle driver job and work at my uncle’s farm. There are a lot of animals, it’s quiet and I would be part of nature. This is my Dream. But I won’t fulfill this Dream cause I am afraid this: If I quit this job and move to the farm and after all I get bored of... Read more »