Clean Up The Beach In Salango (Ecuador)

Yesterday I stranded in Salango, a small fisherman village located in south of Ecuador. Luckily I met Dani a very friendly 23 years old guy who offers Trips to Salango Island: Snorkling etc. included. Instead of booking a tour I made friends with Dani and so I also got invited to the father’s birthday of his bride-to-be. Although the birthday boy overslept the whole party (meal) it’s always preferable to stay with locals instead of tourists.

Mixed feelings

A bit later I found a way to return the favor. I helped Dani and his friends to clean up the beach. As they work with tourists it’s necessary to clean the beach once in 7-14 days.

How was it?

First I felt great. After a couple of minutes you already can see the progress, the beach reconquer its beauty, the colored plastic get stuck in a solid bag. I felt doing something ‘good’.

But after 10-15 minutes the positive feelings got a little crack. Repeating the same movements all the time..stoop down, pick up the rubbish & throw it into the bag. It’s a meditative kind of work and after a while I dreamed about the stories of each piece of plastic I picked up. I imagined the person’s ruthless face who throw the piece of rubbish into nature. I asked myself: ‘how is it possible to raise attention on that topic?’

That day I also got an image of how much rubbish there is in the sea.

But there is definately a positive message: The seas recently became more clean! Yes, fortunately there are great beings who come up with crazy & great technologies to clean the sea like the dutch guy Boyan Slat.

And there is another motivating line: Every detail matters. Every single piece of plastic we take out of the sea matters. So let’s go for it!

What You Can Do:

Ten Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean

Salango (Ecuador)

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