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Saved A Dove – Since Then Lives At Home For 12 Yrs

A Dove as a pet? I never even thought about having a dove walking around in my apartment. Some weeks ago I hosted (CouchSurfing) Arina, a young woman from Novosibirsk who tried to fool me … I thought. Arina shared the story of a cold winter 12 years ago. On the 2nd January in 2007 Arina’s mother, some friends of her and... Read more »

“Yes. Always Yes”

Buenos Aires. Eine Buchhandlung. „Eat clean“ – so lautet der Titel eines dicken Schinkens dort im Bücherregal. Am Ausgang, die Leute rauschen vorbei. Es stinkt. Abgase. Muff. Ein dreckiger Wind weht. Wenn man schon dreck atmet, dann doch wenigstens clean essen. Die Robots gehen. Immer leicht gebückt, nur wenige halten den Kopf gerade und die allerwenigsten schaffen es den anderen in die... Read more »

Two Weeks – Eat Fruits Only

‘What? You eat fruits only? You must be crazy. Where do you get your proteins from? Don’t your body lack fats?’ These were the reactions of my friends when I told them that I ate fruits for two weeks. Only fruits. And I remember that I had a very similar reaction when two friends told me that they are fruitarians. It’s interesting... Read more »

Climbing Vulcan ‘San Pedro’ At Lago Atitlán

A couple of days ago in the evening I met Marvin (center) and David (right) in the pueblo called Santiago Atitlán. We had a chat about our countries and languages – then I mention that I’d like to climb the vulcan ‘San Pedro’, which is closeby. ‘Ok lets go tomorrow at 7am?!’, they offered. ‘Perfect then!’, I replied. A couple of hours... Read more »

MASP. São Paulo. Subculture Soup.

Just by accident I found this footage(2016) on my computer (see below). And it made me remember good memories of my time in Brazil, seeing those youngsters having fun on that spinning playground. A fun generator. Its pretty easy to build it. Just make the thing turn, jump on the platform and enjoy the ride. It’s fun. The footage was shot at... Read more »


Leo Link   1. October 2017   No Comments on Make-Up-Off
Since my America trip started I had quite a lot of discussions with women complaining about chauvinism (machismo). Machismo is a widespread disease, occures in many forms and often got its origins in little details. In the following post I will focus on the use of make-up: It’s risks and possibilities. There is a pattern I recognized: Those stories of the women... Read more »

Maya Sign Tells Me That I Evolve By Dreams

As I finally arrived in the northern part of Central America. A lot of Mayan culture got preserved: There tons of ruins and small Maya communities who still celebrate ceremonies and speak ancient languages (Guatemala there are 27 languages spoken – incredible, isn’t it?!). Yesterday I was at my CouchSurfing host here in Antigua and as he’s into Mayan culture I got... Read more »

Hitchhiking: Transform Your Trip Into An Adventure

I already forgot about the beauty of hitchhiking. Chile, Argentina and Uruguay were my ‘hitchhiking countries’ but then I developed a lazy habit: I almost all the time traveled in chicken buses. Recently I met Jacek who’s traveling all the way by taking rides, so he was a good reminder for me to get back to the raod and raise my arm... Read more »

Why Are Colombians So Freaky Friendly?

It’s a while ago when I left Colombia, but there is something I need to write about: It’s a huge ‘thank-you, Colombia??‘. Compared to all the other South American countries Colombia is a great outlier in terms of ‘kindliness’.  As probably most people think about Escobar and cocaine when hearing the word ‘Colombia’, so I did. It doesn’t matter where exactly in... Read more »

Dutch Pancakeman organizes pancake parties all over the world!

When I was traveling in Medellin (Colombia) I saw an event on Couchsurfing: ‘Dutch Pancake Night’. Nothing special about it. Then I headed to Bogotá, same story: ‘Dutch Pancake Night’. Again? I decided to do some research and found out that there is a guy from the Netherlands who does play the pancake game all over the world. As I cheer for... Read more »

‘It felt like I was in a movie’

Despite I am a lover of cinemas and movies recently I was thinking about the rhetoric I also used to express from time to time: ‘It felt like I was in a movie’. some critical words: What does it mean when we say so? It would be a waste of time to convince anybody that a movie is always very limited – immanent.... Read more »

Language – A Diverse Tool To Express Thoughts & Ideas

Recently I had a lot of thoughts and ideas on language. As I am getting more into languages it somehow influences me not only on my way of thinking. There are even more impacts. Here we go, some ideas on languages: First, the more languages one [speaks] the more one dives into other cultures and its knowledge, history and perspectives. One literally... Read more »

The Dreamers’ Network – Leo’s Dream

The group is about lifetime Dreamers and visionaries (recently I created the group ‘Dreamers Network‘). The basic idea is to share our lifetime Dreams to make them visible for others: Then people get inspired by those lifetime Dreams, people can connect and help them to realize these lifetime Dreams. One thing what helps is: Motivate Dreamers, develop ideas/Dreams together, share information, give... Read more »

Live A Nomad Life On A Budget – 10 Tips

You want to live the Nomad Life? You don’t have much money? Don’t worry. I got some tips for you! With a couple little tricks it has probably never been more easy than today to travel the world on a budget. With this article I want to encourage all Dreamers out there to go for a big trip. Read this article, have a... Read more »

Guatapé – Water & A Stone

“Guatapé” – this is the name of the 5,600 habitants town close to Medellín. The name comes from the Quechua language, related to “stones and water”. In Guatapé was know as a farming town that relied on livestock, agriculture and mining. In the 1970’s the government decided to build a huge hydroelectric complex. Guatapé became one of the most important energy production spots in whole... Read more »

Forget Politics & Economics – Inspiration Is Key

The LeoDreams project has also something to do with Economy and Politics. In this article I will underline why ‘inspiration’ is in my opinion the most important thing to achieve a higher life quality for all of us. In ancient times it was usual that philosophers were supporters of holism. Society, science, biology, economy, physics etc. it all came together, all the... Read more »

‘I work 2 hours per day’ – Interview with Nomad Sam

Sam doing what he likes
‘My Dream is to travel the word’ – I hear this phrase so many times when I ask people about their lifetime Dreams. Especially the younger ones: 20-35 yrs. I’d say that the majority of this age group dreams about dropping their rusty daily grind in order to travel the world. It seems that the young ones got a deep feeling inside... Read more »

New Start-Up Called ‘Gaya’

The human race, the cancer cell of this planet. There are many possible outcomes for this planet in the future. We, the human race, decide if the planet will have either blooming landscapes and breathing rain forest or bring a total collapse of the world’s ecosystems. If the human race and its destruction on this planet can be really described as a... Read more »

Is It Worth It To Have Lifetime Dreams?

My journey with LeoDreams is alive for 16 months now and during this time I could learn a lot and recognize some patterns concerning lifetime Dreams. This is a story of broken Dreams. A while ago I met a man in his mid fifties who dreamed of being a successful scriptwriter. He dreamed of being at the Academy Awards ceremony. His vision:... Read more »

Let’s Drop The Bomb Of Love

I lost a friend and I don’t want to let repeat this story: Let’s drop the bomb of love. Today. Together. First, I will tell you the story of my lost friend & what’s the idea behind the ‘bomb of love’. I believe in the power of words and connections: Last year when I was in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) I figured out that students... Read more »

Why We Need More Novelties & Crack Habits

To have habits is something very dangerous. Why? It fosters routine and make people act subconsciously, there is no need to be in the present moment. You lose awareness, your life gets robotic. Habit means routine and that inevitably leads to boredom. We can see this pattern in architecture, culinary art, education systems and many more areas if life. Architecture became very... Read more »

The Man Who Talks To Whales

Yes, it’s true. It’s not a fairy tale. There is Argentinian Park Ranger who succeed to communicate with Orcas (‘killer whales’).  When I was close to Puerto Madryn (ARG) my hosts told me a story about this guy who could create a connection to wild Orcas. I teared up my ears since I got interested in the world of language. What Bubas... Read more »


Leo Link   20. June 2017   No Comments on Thank-You
I am on my trip for 466 days right now. As solo traveling is a hardcore Rollercoaster with its ups and downs now I feel that the time has come to say ‘thank you’. Thanks to everybody who met me, shared time with me, thanks to all my generous host I found on Couchsurfing or on the street, thanks for sharing your... Read more »

Photographs Of Lake Titicaca

A couple of weeks ago I stayed some days at the Titicaca lake. It’s the second time I visited this place – it’s always more than worth it. This time I tried to capture this unique atmosphere of Titicaca with my camera. What amazed me most about Titicaca is the tone of blue and the seemingly roughness in the silence. Have a... Read more »

Build A House With Local Resources

In recent posts I wrote about ‘Buildings of the future‘ and explained why we need to realize the architecture of our Dreams.  Concerning architecture I am convinced that we need to change our way of thinking. In terms of efficacy, design and materials. A couple of weeks ago I hiked to ruins close to Machu Picchu and passed a village where all... Read more »